Here are the real reasons for the crisis between Pellegrini and Magnini

Federica Pellegrini: Is it love with Filippo Magnini's cousin?

Finally the real reasons for the crisis between Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini have been revealed

What are the real reasons for the crisis between Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini? The two swimmers, according to the latest gossip, would be in crisis, and will spend Christmas separately. A few weeks ago various rumors about a presumed rupture among sportsmen had come out. Until recently, Pellegrini spoke in interviews about her willingness to form a family with her boyfriend and about her dream of wearing a white dress. Then the sudden crisis and the decision to leave, even passing the distant holidays. A real black crisis, which would have brought the most followed couple of sport, one step away from the final separation. Filippo Magnini, contacted by journalists, would have responded coldly: "Ask Federica how things are – unveiling -. Ask her what happened. I'm not going to talk about it ".

The two were forced to meet in these days, on the occasion of the Winter Absolutes, where Federica Pellegrini triumphed in the 200 sl happy with a 1'56 "04. The champion and Filippo Magnini ignored each other for the whole race, but it is still not clear if it really ended or not between them. "No comment, what a stress this gossip" Federica replied to those who asked her how things went with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, sources close to the couple speak of a breakup due to different opinions for the future. Apparently Pellegrini in fact would have no intention of retiring and would like to continue to train and compete to win. His decision, however, would not have pleased Magnini at all, who instead dreamed of starting a family and moving away from the world of swimming to dedicate himself to TV, thanks to his last participation in Masterchef Vip. The difference in views would have led Federica and Filippo to fight more and more often and, eventually, to separate.

Is it true? For now, many seem convinced that, even if the crisis is there, it will soon be resolved and the Magnini / Pellegrini couple will meet. Giovanni Malagò, president of Coni, has kept us all reassured, explaining: "Federica and Filippo will have their Christmas vacation together. I do not know that they have separated, absolutely. If the story between them is over? In my opinion, no, but since they want to keep the private sphere, I say we don't give hasty judgments. I talked to Federica, I always hear her. In my opinion there is nothing to worry about, absolutely.

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