Here freewheeling, Giusy Buscemi: "I stopped for the children"

Here freewheeling, Giusy Buscemi: "I stopped for the children"

The actress of Un Passo Dal Cielo joins Francesca Fialdini for a special confession

The appointment with Da Noi is renewed … A Ruota Libera, which in the episode of 11 April also hosts the splendid Giusy Buscemi. The protagonist of Un Passo Dal Cielo is back on the set after a very important event that revolutionized her life.

Having made the necessary introductions, Francesca Fialdini entered into the merits of the private life of the beautiful Sicilian actress, happy with the choice of having stopped her career to devote herself to her family. And this is how she explains the reason that kept her away from filming for 3 years: "I stopped for the children, I became a mother of two children".

The actress, who has never made a secret of wanting so many children, also joked about an old interview in which she declared that she wanted 8: "These are statements that date back to some time ago, after I had the first and then the second I thought about it ”.

The Rai fiction set was also the architect of her destiny in love. It is here that she met her husband, Jan Michelini, with whom she had the beloved children for whom she decided to take a break from work. The two fulfilled their dream of love through marriage, celebrated in 2017 after three years of engagement.

On 11 February 2018, Giusy Buscemi became the mother of her first child – Caterina Maria – while only a year later she gave birth to Pietro Maria. Her children have thus completely turned her life upside down, in a moment of great success for her acting career. However, the former Miss Italy had no doubts and paused all work commitments to take care of her children.

During the interview with the fellow adventurers of Un Passo Dal Cielo, Giusy Buscemi also relived the great emotions of Miss Italia, which she won in 2012. Impossible not to get excited in front of Fabrizio Frizzi, who was still conducting the contest. beauty founded by the Mirigliani family.

After her coronation, Giusy Buscemi's career was unstoppable until she landed on the set of one of the most successful fiction films. Since that moment, his artistic path has never stopped. She began with Baci Saltati and then Don Matteo, in which she met her husband. He also stars in I Stop When I Want and I Profs Arrive he is in the cast of Montalbano, The Paradise of the Ladies, One Step from Heaven, Don Matteo, Beauty and the Beast, Once Upon a Time Studio 1 and The Medici.

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