Here is the hair trend that will make you look younger in just a few steps

Here is the hair trend that will make you look younger in just a few steps

The new hair trend of 2022? The babyhilights, capable of making you look younger in a few moves, without changing your look.

Do you want to look younger? Start with your hair. Yes, we can do skin treatments, go wild with tight beauty routines, but it is our hair that can change the perception we have – and that others have – of ourselves.

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Hair surrounds our face, becomes its contour and therefore can in some way condition and modify it.

And then we are now in late spring, summer is getting closer and closer, who wouldn’t want to shine?

Here comes the latest hair trend to our rescue, that illuminates us as if there were perpetually rays of the sun nearby and takes us away at least 10 years (even more).

What are we talking about? Of the babylights, of highlights 3.0, which, however, we must be careful not to confuse either with shatush, nor with balayage, which has now become very popular.

The difference between the three colors is substantial. The balayage provides for irregular lightening in the strict sense: some can start from the root, others from the middle of the hair and so on.

Obviously, therefore, they can be created ad hoc on the person and are ideal especially on wavy, curly and layered hair.

The shatush, on the other hand, is a gradual lightening: it starts from a dark color to arrive at an increasingly lighter color.

Unlike the previous technique, therefore, this is very symmetrical and must be carried out by professionals with great care, because there must be no sharp detachment, but the coloring must be uniform. This, in fact, is perfect especially on those with an even cut.

THE babyhilights, on the other hand, are real streaks, but more subtle than normal and therefore the final result will be very natural.

It is therefore a vertical coloring technique that combines tradition – in fact it takes its cue from those typical of the 80s – but to which it combines innovation, since, as we have just said, the thickness changes considerably.

The final effect? A bright, radiant face, much younger. The name, in fact, is inspired by “baby” and refers both to the size of the lightening and to the effect it wants to recreate (obviously in a broad sense).

But how is this hair trend achieved? We tell you.

All about the new hair trend of 2022

Let’s start by saying that this hair trend has also managed to convince celebs such as Margot Robbie and Gwyneth Paltrow, probably because of their illuminating power.

hair trend

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Who is it suitable for? For those who want to lighten their hair, but not too much and therefore want the final effect to be delicate. Or to those who would like a stronger change of look, but want to get there gradually.

In fact, as we have anticipated, the babylights technique consists in taking very thin strands, but very close together, so as to obtain a fluid, very natural effect, without chromatic detachments.

There is another strong point of this hair trend: thanks to its three-dimensionality and the play of light and shadow, the hair will look thicker and more voluminous.

So who is it suitable for? To all women, even to those who have very smooth and very thin and fine hair, even if we must admit that they are perfect especially on medium – long hair.

Furthermore, as we have already abundantly anticipated, this hair trend has a natural anti – aging action: rejuvenates thanks to the vitality it gives to the face.

If you want to know other colors that have the same power, here are some of them.

Also it is possible perform this technique on all colors. We can turn towards a warm color, but also towards cold pigments, it all depends on the complexion and the undertone of the skin.

On brown hair, for example, it is possible to choose both a blond and a reddish one: it all depends on the final effect we want to achieve.

In the first case, we will have a much sweeter effect, while in the second the final effect will certainly be more rock.

On red hair, we can lean for a blond who illuminates the face, but being careful to choose a gradation that suits the type of base.

A very long chapter opens on blond: it all depends on how warm the color we start from is. We can bet honey, platinum blonde, gray and so on.

Then there is also another popular color when it comes to babylight: the pink. For sure this is very flashy and it is much more so than all the shades we have mentioned, so it is suitable for those who are not afraid to dare.

Which shade of pink to choose? A pastel, or a very bright one. Audacity is the watchword.

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