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The eyebrows that Elodie wore for her look as the godmother of the Gay Pride in Rome are the must of the summer: this is how they are created!

In summer we usually wear a much more essential and much less flashy make-up than the one we use in the cold season. The reason is that with the warm season i look the most popular are those fresh and natural.

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This however means that the face, and especially the eye area, may lose its expressiveness.

Very often in fact eye makeup serves to enhance the expressiveness of the eyes, creating more or less dramatic lights and shadows that can make the gaze more intense.

By giving up a very structured eye make-up and opting for a rather essential make-up based on neutral colors, we could have the impression that our face appears flatter and less interesting.

To avoid this problem during the summer the advice is to focus everything on lashes and eyebrows, maybe taking a cue from the beautiful look sported by Elodie!

Elodie’s essential eye make-up: eyebrows are the absolute protagonists

Over the years, eyebrow makeup trends have been extremely different from each other. If twenty years ago the eyebrows had to be absolutely thin and arched, today the trend is extremely different.

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The shape of the eyebrows that today we see parading on the catwalks is very strong, very thick, very shaped.

It can therefore be said that they have done theirs great return the gull-wing eyebrows. This type of eyebrow, very Mediterranean, looks good on practically all brunette or brunette girls they have big eyes and a spacious forehead, exactly like Elodie.

Gull-wing eyebrows stand out for being very tall and square at the inner corner, very bushy from the beginning to the end of the arc and also very angled in the central part. There final partthe classic “tail” of the eyebrow, is thin, triangular and very pointed.

This type of eyebrow gives to the look a determined expression and to the face a strong and determined character. Obviously it is a shape that does not adapt to all faces: here you can read the complete guide of to understand which is the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face.

The underlying problem with gullwing eyebrows is that often our natural brows are not thick enough to allow us to define such a precise and geometric shape.

For this reason it becomes essential to use the right products to obtain two results: draw the missing hairs to fill all the discontinuities that occur along the eyebrow arch e fix natural lashes so that they remain in the correct position for as long as possible.

Very often they are used eyebrow pencils or eyeliner type applicators, that is, equipped with a teardrop brush with a very thin tip. Even if they are now considered traditional and certainly very valid methods, it is rather laborious and unsatisfactory techniques from the point of view of the final result.

Much better to use a modern waterproof eyeliner applicator which uses a brush similar to that used to apply color in tattoos.

In practice, it is a brush made up of four or five very rigid micro brushes that allow you to draw several hairs with a single movement. Very convenient but above all very fast compared to the other methods.

The important is identify a product with a similar color to that of your eyebrows. Although we tend to opt for a darker color, it is not the best choice because the natural brows will appear washed out and the final effect very fake.

Finally, to keep the natural eyebrows perfectly “in line” after having combed and “filled in” them with the drawn eyebrows, it is necessary fix them with an eyebrow gel. It is a generally transparent product, which works as a sort of “glue” and is applied with a brush very similar to that of mascara. There are also slightly colored products on the market, which therefore combine the fixing action with a light tint of the eyebrows. This is a great way if you have thick but rather light eyebrows that tend to get “unkempt”.

The Council of Chedonna |  Waterproof eyebrow pen with multi brush

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The Council of TipsForWomens | Waterproof eyebrow pen with multi brush


  • Naturally Polished Eyebrows – Our waterproof tattoo eyebrow pen lasting gel tint formula is perfect for drawing natural looking hair-like brows that work with any makeup.
  • Innovative Four-Point Design – Our brow pen features a unique four-point design that helps both beginners and experts alike to easily fill in brows with full control.
  • No Fade & No Smudge Eyebrows – We guarantee your brows will stay in place without smudging, discoloring or streaking. We are serious about helping you create beautiful brows that frame your face without moving from rain, sweat, water sports and even accidental rubbing.
  • Long lasting eyebrow pen makeup for tattoo – 24 hours long lasting, easy to color sumdge proof, fine sketch, tattoo sense of super durable.
  • Easy to remove: Just use an oil cleanser or makeup remover to remove the eyebrow tint at the end of the day.
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