Here is the no-cost technique that will make your creamy lipstick last a lot!

Here is the no-cost technique that will make your creamy lipstick last a lot!

Can you make a creamy lipstick last longer without having to buy long lasting products? Yes: with a very simple technique!

Normal lipsticks, that is, from the creamy texture, they give us hydrated, soft and luminous lips. Ideal especially in spring, they have only one big problem: they drool right away!

make normal lipstick last


To overcome this problem, in most cases nothing is done change your lipstick and buy a long-lasting product or lip tint.

These products, which for many are a real salvation, I can last on the lips for hours and hours, regardless of what we eat, how much we talk and even how many kisses we blow in the course of an evening.

As usual, however, these products also have a downside: in most cases they dry out the mucous membrane of the lips very much, making them appear dry and scarred.

Also, another aspect that should not be underestimated at all is that it is not always possible to find a lip tint or a long lasting lipstick that is exactly the same color as the creamy lipstick we fell in love with!

What to do in that case? Arm yourself with patience and follow the right technique!

You can make your creamy lipstick last like a long lasting one: all the steps

Putting on lipstick, especially if it is a very intense color, is an operation to which it is worth dedicating a few more moments. This technique extends the application by a few minutes, but ensures really satisfying results!

make lipstick last


1 – Scrub & Balm

This technique involves the application of different layers of color and overlapping products. For this reason it is it is essential that the lips are very smooth and very hydrated. Only in this way will the overlapping of several cream and powder products not dry them out and will not highlight the small cracks that cross them.

To make sure lips always soft, free of cracks and crusts, different techniques can be adopted. But they all must be apply only once a week. Performing the scrub more frequently would damage the mucosa instead of improving its appearance.

One natural lip scrub it can be done with honey and sugar, alternatively it can use the toothbrush on your lips after brushing your teeth. The bristles will perform a gentle massage without irritating or reddening the lips, but will still be able to remove dead cells.

After performing the scrub (best done in the evening) you will have to apply one nourishing cream or a lip balm to dry very well before applying cosmetics. Absolutely to avoid oils, which do not moisturize and which tend to dissolve oil-based cosmetics such as creamy lipsticks.

2 – First layer

On perfectly dry lips, apply the first layer of lipstick. Eventually you can also opt for one lip pencil that you help to outline a perfect overline lip contour as the fashion of the moment wants.

There accuracy of the application in this step it is absolutely fundamental, because it will form the basis of the next make-up and, above all, it will be fixed with powders.

3 – Fixing with powder

As already mentioned, creamy lipsticks have a nasty “habit” of moving around the face or leaving footprints on napkins. For this reason it is fundamental to fix the color to make it adhere better to the skin without transferring.

To fix the color the transparent powder or blush they are two perfect allies. But don’t make the mistake of using them directly on the lipstick.

It will be necessary take a multi-ply paper handkerchief and leaf through it until a single and very thin veil is obtained. It can also be done with a tear of toilet paper, the layers of which, however, may be slightly more difficult to separate.

Once the single veil has been obtained, the card must be resting firmly on the lips up to cover them all. At this point you will have to use a rather large and soft brush to apply a very thin layer of face powder or blush through the paper.

After you have carefully covered your entire mouth you will have to gently remove the paper veil and the underlying lipstick will be perfectly fixed. This technique will make it possible to make even the creamiest lipstick last but it will lose its brilliance.

4 – Second application of the creamy lipstick

For recover the silky and shiny effect of the creamy lipstick at this point there will be nothing left apply a second layer of lipstick, preferably thinner than the first.

This step will restore new shine to the lips and new freshness to the make-up. However, if over the course of hours this layer should be removed from kisses or from food, do not worry: the one underneath will last much longer!

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