Here it is today, at 60 years of age. Do you recognize it?

Here it is today, at 60 years of age. Do you recognize it?

Her style made her a fashion icon of the nineties, which conquered the public with her overwhelming beauty and sympathy

Cotton hair, false eyelashes, tight suits, studs, fur and animal prints. All topped off with high heels and sequins. In our day we could safely recycle as a fashion blogger, and instead it is a fashion icon of the nineties. Today it is like this, as you can see in this photo: he turned 60 on 30 September 2017. Do you understand who he is?

Tata Francesca, the actress
The name of the lady you see in the photo is Fran Drescher, who became famous as the legendary Francesca Cacace from the television series La Tata (The Nanny). Francesca, of Jewish origins in the American version and Ciociare in the Italian one, is a door-to-door cosmetic seller who finds work as a nanny in the wealthy Sheffield family. The sit com is the "daughter" of Fran and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson and takes inspiration from the actress's real family.

Tata Francesca, the aunts
Here she is together with her mythical aunts: aunt Assunta (Renée Taylor, in the original version Francesca's mother) and aunt Yetta (Ann Morgan Guilbert, in the original version Francesca's grandmother). All three are united by a cotton hairstyle and a style that is nothing short of flashy in dressing.

Tata Francesca, the acronym
The theme of La nanny is titled The Nanny named Fran and is sung by Ann Hampton. It reads: "He crossed the bridge to the Sheffield gate / he was there to sell tricks / but the father saw something more 7 he had style, he had class, he was there / and that's how he became the nanny".

Tata Francesca how old she is
Today Fran Drescher is 60 years old. In the show Francesca Cacace is a single thirty-year-old whom Aunt Assunta would like to see married with a good party.

Tata Francesca and Castagna
The nanny Francesca has the Pomeranian fox called Chestnut, or Chestnut. In the series is the dog of his rival, C.C. Babcock. Chestnut hates his mistress but has a soft spot for the nanny. In reality, the fox was Fran's true dog, a faithful friend who accompanied her for 19 years.

Tata Francesca and cancer
Fran Drescher discovered he suffered from uterine cancer in 2000. Having won the battle against the disease, he started Cancer Schmancer, a foundation that helps sick women.

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