Here's how to use the plate without ruining your hair

Here's how to use the plate without ruining your hair

Advice on how to properly use the hair straightener without damage

Having smooth and shiny hair is the dream of many women. Currently we have many vehicles (among which the best known is the plate) that allow us to make our hair flowing. However, using the plate can be more complicated than you think because the risk of ruining your hair is just around the corner. Before proceeding with ironing, it is therefore important to thoroughly moisturize our hair; proceed with a light shampoo followed by the use of a natural mask. The masks are widely available on the market and if you want to increase their moisturizing power it is possible to add oil drops to them (for example argan).

Before using the plate, make sure you have properly dried your hair. After laying the hair with a towel (in order to remove excess water) it is therefore necessary to carefully pass the hair dryer starting from the root to the tips, using a round brush if possible. The brush allows you to take your hair well and smooth it gently, so as to give a first fold; this will also reduce the length of time the plate will be used, which we will later use on our lock.

When using the plate, keep the temperature under control. Fortunately, companies come to our rescue, given that the latest products on the market have a display that indicates the temperature (never exceeding 180 degrees) and a sensor that sounds as soon as the indicated temperature is exceeded.

Another valid ally to use before passing the plate is the thermal protector. This product can be easily found in every supermarket and can limit the damage caused by the griddle. It works by forming a protection on our hair, protects it from humidity by counteracting the appearance of frizz and reduces drying time and therefore also when the plate remains on our hair.

Another consideration concerns the use of the plate. Often (especially the very young) they abuse the plate, even passing it on their hair several times a day. If you really can not do without it, it is recommended not to pass the plate more than once a week. When in fact we see smoke this means that the structure of our hair (keratin) is being destroyed. So please, yes to straight and shiny hair, but let's not forget common sense.

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