Here’s the foolproof tip for getting your children to try new foods

Here's the foolproof tip for getting your children to try new foods

Getting your children to try new tastes is not always fun. But on Instagram, a mother seems to have found the practical and fun technique to invite her children to new culinary experiences, without even having to insist. Vegetables this way!

Throughout the time of dietary diversification, it is important to offer many different foods to your child to broaden their tastes, accustom them to variety in dishes and provide them with various nutrients. Yes, but in practice, it sometimes becomes complicated, when the child balks, questions, and can end up refusing a new food outright. To approach this step in a more fun way, Ariel Shearer, a mother of three children, shared her own technique in an Instagram video. A very simple method that could yet revolutionize mealtime.

New foods… Served on a platter!

In her video, the mother gives a very simple demonstration: she actually places small quantities of new foods to taste… in the compartments of a tray of muffin tins, which she offers to her two children. Results ? Not only do they find themselves with no less than 8 to 12 various small portions to snack on (fruits, biscuits, cereals, vegetables, bread, etc.), but they also have the choice of testing this or that, without pressure; the meal becoming a game on a meal tray. “What to start with ?”asks the little girl, clearly delighted with this new ritual.

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Offer new tastes without forcing

The muffin mold technique seems perfect for combining discovery and pleasure for children who are still learning. We know that to become familiar with a new food, it is sometimes necessary to introduce it several times to a child before he accepts it. This knowledgeable mother’s method therefore allows for variation while offering a food several times. The child plays and does not feel forced, which avoids developing total rejection at this age. All it takes is a muffin tray to transform a need into an educational game. A find that did not fail to delight Internet users: “You teach them to listen to their body! I love this idea”, can we read under the video. An idea to try this evening?