Heroin: effects and risks

Heroin is a drug derived from morphine. There are various types of recruitment, the effects are varied, the risk of addiction, overdose and death is always high

Heroin is an illegal and highly lethal substance in which the risks of addiction, overdose and even death are many. This substance is derived from morphine, a resin found in opium poppy and indeed falls into the category of opiates. Who used it in the beginning, determined this name to give it the value of "heroic" substance because of the effects it caused. In the 1990s, in fact, it caused a high mortality rate for drug addicts.

There are many types and variants of heroin, this may look like a white or darker powder (when mixed with other poisonous substances) or be sticky and tending to black. In most cases it is administered via an intravenous injection, or through direct inhalation into the nasal passages (sniffed) or through fumes derived from its combustion.

The effects are many and varied, initially states of euphoria may occur, the buzz obsessively sought after by drug addicts, in which one can apparently feel better, more sociable, happier, more loyal in the sexual sphere. But the pleasure is only a temporary cessation of pain (a few minutes) and in the long run many psycho-physical disorders appear, including, in fact, a very strong and often extreme dependence with severe illnesses, anxieties and atrocious pains to the bones in cases of abstinence. For an overdose, if one does not intervene immediately, death is almost certain. Today it is unfortunately used by many drug addicts all over the world and in the most dangerous cities.

Unfortunately, those who consume these substances cannot get out of the tunnel, are not really aware of the risks they are running and of the real power the drug has on their bodies. Sharing tools for drugs is a vehicle for many diseases and infections, such as the most common AIDS. The immune system is "bombarded" by the substance which, automatically and with a devastating effect, damages the health of the consumer and leads to a horrible appearance, heralding the death.

This is the truth, there is no really positive effect in what is called a drug. Heroin leads to death and once inside, it's not easy to stop taking drugs if you don't really want to. Drug addiction is a prison, it is not a fun place, there are no friends, it does not help to escape from nothing. Rather the drug chases, reduces a person to nothing, becomes a constant presence, anguished and painful in the life of those who use it and who can never free themselves from the perennial desire to have a dose.

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