High cholesterol: here are the best natural remedies

High cholesterol: here are the best natural remedies

Fighting hypercholesterolemia is possible, there are natural remedies for high cholesterol that give optimal results without contraindications

Cholesterol present in the human body is produced at least 70% by the liver. The remaining 30% is what we accumulate with food. Keeping the level of cholesterol in the blood under control is important because, if in excess, it settles on the blood vessels and arteries causing dangerous constrictions of their walls.
This situation leads to a lack of blood circulation to the heart and also to the brain. Not only is medicine able to solve the problem, but also the table can bring great help in the treatment and prevention of hypercholesterolemia. There are natural remedies for high cholesterol which can be an excellent solution for anyone suffering from this problem.

The foods to avoid first are those that contain saturated fats and that are of animal origin such as meat, cheeses and also sausages, or those called "trans" fats and which represent products passed through various industrial processes, such as biscuits, rusks, snacks , crackers. On the other hand, foods rich in essential fats are important in the anti-cholesterol diet. Fish, vegetable oils (among which sunflower oil is very efficient) belong to this category as long as they are cold-pressed and finally the vegetable seeds.

Foods containing antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E) are also important to combat high cholesterol.
Very useful foods not to be missed in the food diet are lemon, cereals, seasonal fruit and vegetables and also legumes. A food that until recently was considered "poison" for those with cholesterol problems was egg. In fact, in recent times it has been discovered that it is a balanced product and consumable without problems as long as it is eaten entirely, that is, both the yolk and the egg white. Cholesterin is present in the yolk, vidine is found in the egg white, which is an extremely antagonistic substance to high cholesterol.

There are also herbal remedies to combat the problem of hypercholesterolemia. The range of action is limited to four essential elements found in nature: guggul, fermented red rice, garlic and garcinia. Guggul acts on lipid metabolism, solving metabolic disorder problems. Until recently, fermented red rice was an exclusive tradition of Chinese medicine, today it has also become a food recommended in the West for its beneficial properties and action capacity against excess cholesterol. Among the many advantages, garlic has a substantial reduction in triglycerides. Finally, garcinia is a product that hides its secret in the rind, an element that tends to block the synthesis of "acetylcoenzyme A".

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