High heels, why can't women do without it?

High heels, why can't women do without it?

The 8 reasons, aesthetic, psychological and sexual that make heels an essential accessory for (almost) every woman

High heels, cross and delight of every woman. Almost always, more delight. Because in the face of discomfort, pain and tortured feet, almost all women cannot do without heels.

Because they give height, beauty and self-confidence. And not only.

We tried to draw up the 8 aesthetic, psychological and sexual reasons that make heels an essential accessory for (almost) every woman

1. Feeling higher gives security. Especially for those who do not exceed 160 cm.
2. The high heel slims and lengthens the leg.
3. High heels make it irresistible to men. Which, science has shown, go crazy for 12-heeled women.
4. A beautiful high heel also makes the leggings or pinocchietti elegant.
5. There is nothing more beautiful than getting out of the heels in the evening and getting a nice foot massage.
6. The stiletto heel is good for sex. #lodicelascienza
7. If necessary, a stiletto heel can become an excellent defense weapon.
8. Going up on the heels and buying those 10 cm, it's a bit like turning into another person. And for the generation that grew up with the 1980s cartoons, from Magica Emi to L'Incantevole Creamy, there's always a kind of magic in this …

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