High-waisted trousers: let's pull ourselves up this spring!

High-waisted trousers: let's pull ourselves up this spring!

Super trend already in winter, high-waisted trousers are still tops for spring too. Let's see how to combine them

You know that I have a weakness for this model of pants: they can be bon ton, vintage, streetstyle … depending on our personality they become incredibly versatile. They are the high-waisted pants! Already this winter I had anticipated that they would be a top model, even with regards to denim. Well, know that for spring they will be a must! Now let's see how to wear them.

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High-waisted trousers, how to wear them: premise

Therefore, I will be brutally sincere: unfortunately they are not really for everyone. A bit like a tied shirt, high-waisted trousers need a waistline. Which is not to say that you have to be made in an hourglass: you just have to have a waist that you love to exhibit and that is proportioned to the hips. But there is a loophole (did you think I didn't give you at least a tip? Eh no!): If you don't like exhibiting your B-side, but you really like this trend, use the cardigan. Let me explain myself better: high-waisted trousers with a jersey tucked inside and on the shoulders a cardigan long at least to the hips left open. Thus the life point is seen, but the B side is not!

High-waisted trousers, how to wear them: streetstyle

Copy Gigi Hadid: if you have a tonic abdomen, do not be afraid to use the crop top (if you are under 35) and the high-waisted trousers with a belt that tightens them a bit like a sack. Lapel, sneakers and go!

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High-waisted trousers, like wearing them: in the office

I like them a lot, even in a mid-season version, maybe in Prince of Wales or tweed, in English, with moccasins, a white shirt and a jacket. Going towards summer, you can opt for a ballerina, or for an open sandal (if you can take it to the office) and above also a basic t-shirt and jacket. If the trousers are well constructed, the elegant effect will be achieved even simply with him.

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High-waisted trousers, how to wear them: glamor

They are a variant of palazzo pants: glamorous but simple. In winter, here I can see a slightly close-fitting turtleneck in summer, a tied shirt or a soft blouse. Depending on the length of the trousers (and your inclination, of course), high or low shoes. If you wear a brogues or a décolleté, you will be immediately more glamorous.

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