HIIT, the training method that helps prevent metabolic diseases

HIIT, the training method that helps prevent metabolic diseases

Considered a mix between aerobic and anaerobic training, it allows you to burn fat, prevent diseases such as diabetes and improve body composition

HIIT, an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training, is a cardio-fitness training method that has gained considerable popularity in recent years.

The scheme is very simple: those who train with this approach must consider an alternation between moments of high intensity exercise and others of active recovery. As for high intensity training, you should not exceed 80/90% of your maximum heart rate. The case of low intensity exercises is obviously different, during which it is advisable to stay within 50/60% of the maximum heart rate.

HIIT training, which allows you to alternate aerobic and anaerobic exercise, brings benefits that have been repeatedly examined by science. Among the noteworthy studies it is possible to mention a very recent one – it was published in 2019 – and conducted by an active team in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Division of the Xianghia Hospital Central South University in Hunan (China).

In this case, the researchers who conducted the research examined the effects of HIIT on a group of 174 patients undergoing rehabilitation following a myocardial infarction. The results of this retrospective study showed remarkable improvements both in terms of the metabolic syndrome – a set of risk factors that can lead to the development of diseases such as diabetes – and in terms of body composition.

To be started only under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer and after asking the advice of your doctor, HIIT training can include different exercises. For the high intensity part, you can choose between running, lunging, bending, jumping, but also opt for the treadmill or the stepper. If the personal trainer deems it appropriate, it is also possible to further differentiate the two phases by choosing for the high intensity one the use of machinery able to do resistance.

This training scheme, considered to be more effective than the muscular one as far as the ability to burn fat is concerned, for beginners can foresee 5/10 minutes of heating (fundamental!), About 15 seconds of high intensity activity and a phase of recovery characterized by 45 seconds of medium intensity exercise. As the body gets used to it, you can, always with the supervision of an experienced trainer, increase the intense exercise phase to 45 seconds.

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