Hip and Pelvis Exercises: How to Stretch the Psoas – Video

Hip and Pelvis Exercises: How to Stretch the Psoas - Video

“The psoas muscle is really essential for the spine and the balance of all the muscles in the pelvis,” he says Marcello Chiapponiphysiotherapist and personal trainer of The Other Rehabilitation. But when he is subjected to a situation of constant tension he risks becoming inflamed, making the hips rigid, increasing the weight on the lumbar spine and accentuating the lordosis. The result: less free movements and a sensation of pain that starts from the hips and reaches the sacrum.

To run for cover, perform the stretching movements suggested by our expert in this video. The program involves the execution of three stretching exercisestwo passive and one active involving the antagonist muscles of the psoas. “In this way you will have done a very complete job,” Chiapponi adds. It is also possible to put the program into practice every day, preferably in the eveningespecially if you spend several hours sitting behind your desk.

Watch the video!

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