HMR diet, you lose up to 20 kg

HMR diet, you lose up to 20 kg

Created in 1983 by Doctor Lawrence Stilfer, it gives a lot of space to the consumption of fruit and vegetables

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The HMR diet – acronym for Health Management Resources – is a diet designed in 1983 by the behaviorist psychologist Lawrence Stifler.

Developed to promote important weight loss (we also talk about 20 kg in three months), this diet is now a brand with an official website and online shop. Ranked by US News and World Report among the best diets of 2018, it is divided into two phases. The first focuses on weight loss, while the second focuses on maintaining the result achieved.

During the first phase, those who follow the program are advised to consume HMR-branded replacement meals and a large amount of fruit and vegetables. Specifically, let us remember that the plan calls for the daily consumption of at least three smoothies and two HMR starters. The portions of fruit and vegetables must instead be five.

The second phase is characterized by a progressive reintroduction of normal foods and for the daily consumption of two HMR branded products. When talking about this program, it is important to remember the possibility of purchasing plans from the official website that provide online advice on health coaches but also face-to-face meetings.

The program gives great importance to the daily movement. Those who follow the HMR diet are in fact invited to burn at least 2000 calories a week through physical activity. This diet – which, as a study by the University of Kentuchy Medical School points out, is also suitable for diabetics – may involve a fruit-based breakfast (one cup) for the attack phase accompanied by an HMR product. Immediately after the first meal of the day, it is advisable to take a healthy walk.

The scheme allows the consumption of snacks: in this case, for the morning the shakes that can be purchased on the site are fine. As for lunch, a portion of HMR dough can be brought to the table accompanied by vegetables (maximum two cups).

In mid-afternoon it is possible to vary the snack, choosing for example a fruit salad (obviously without added sugar). At dinner you can opt for a portion of chicken from the HMR product line accompanied with pureed vegetables. The day should end with the consumption of a shake and another fruit salad.

Easy to follow and appreciated due to the centrality given to the consumption of fruit and vegetables (the low daily caloric intake was instead criticized), the HMR diet bans the intake of red meat and ice cream, as well as that of alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks. Before undertaking it, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor.

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