Home look: even homewear becomes stylish

Here are some look ideas to wear at home to feel tidy and stylish!

In these months in which we have been more or less forced to stay at home, I have realized that I have received many requests from women of any age who asked me for the perfect recipe for dressing at home with style. It was really a transversal request: from mothers with small children or babies, to those with teenage children, to single women, to anta girls who did not want to give up some class details, even at home.

Many of us, in the last two years, have made a virtue of necessity and have rescheduled their work to manage it from home: this means that they go out less often and that the temptation to wear a jumpsuit without make-up is very strong. Well: the girls jumpsuit fits, it can also be very glam, but it should always be seasoned with a good dose of self-love! And don’t forget that there are some crafty items to accessorise your suit that can make you elegant with little effort. Let’s see some ideas together!

How to dress in style at home

Woolrich sweatshirt, pants and Verdissima overalls

How to dress in style at home: the smart suit

The suit at home is great, also because, if worn with a basic white t-shirt, you can easily use it to leave the house, for a quick last-minute errand or to pick up the children from school or take for a walk. the dog. The important thing is to always coordinate the top and bottom pieces and always have your hair clean or at least tidy.

How to dress in style at home

How to dress in style at home: leggings and tank top

If you love to be comfortable or you are not cold, the leggings can be for you, because they are practical and comfortable. You know that I don’t particularly like them taken outside the house, so such a look will only be suitable for the home.

How to dress in style at home

How to dress in style at home: sporty look

A jumpsuit with a hooded or crewneck sweatshirt and a pair of fleece trousers, perhaps without the cuff underneath, are suitable for any physiognomy. Choose the color according to your tastes and how much you love to feel practical and comfortable. Also consider your outerwear when choosing your sporty looks and see below …

How to dress in style at home

How to dress at home with style: the outerwear

It is true that you do not wear a coat at home, but it is easy that you have to go out on the fly for an errand while you are at home with the overalls on. This is why the choice of outerwear is fundamental: the down jacket, unless it is an XXL model, does not drive me crazy. I find a coat much more stylish, to be worn nonchalantly even over the jumpsuit, maybe they opt for a candy or neutral color. In the end, it takes very little to be elegant!

How to dress in style at home

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