Home video surveillance kit: living in peace is possible with security in your pocket

Home video surveillance kit: living in peace is possible with security in your pocket

In the era of the full triumph of digitalization and home automation, it is not too much to ask for highly protected private spaces with intelligent systems, such as video surveillance kits.

Petty crime has always existed and has seen a significant increase since the outbreak of the pandemic. The confirmation comes from statistical data: in the first place we find crimes of theft and robbery, followed by raids, fires and other illegal activities. The main epicenters? Big cities and capitals, but thefts do not spare even the most circumscribed towns and villages.

video intercom betrayal

Living peacefully today is possible, also thanks to a camera connected to a mobile phone In the middle of the era of Web 3.0 and its potential, a life without digitally guaranteed commodities is truly inconceivable. Among the most urgent requests of the international community stands out the opportunity, and the privilege, of being able to live or work with peace of mind within one’s own private or commercial environment. Carrying out daily domestic or work tasks with a mind free from external anxieties, such as potential break-ins by thieves or criminals, is a step forward in being able to increase the quality of one’s days.

Living peacefully is possible. Far from being an oxymoron, this possibility is today more than ever guaranteed by the close interconnection between the physical and digital planes. This combination, supported by the potential of the web and the evolution of information technology and technology, allows today to feel protected everywhere.

Security is in your pocket today, in the true sense of the word, through a camera connected to your mobile phone. This is the advantage of a valid and safe video surveillance kit.

The Verisure video surveillance kit

Among the best brands of video surveillance kits in circulation, there is the high-level Artificial Intelligence (AI) instrumentation promoted by Verisure. For years, the leading company in the home video surveillance sector has guaranteed security in homes and businesses, with innovative and cutting-edge equipment.

With Verisure, security becomes really just a click away and no matter where you are: an application on your mobile device is enough to monitor your indoor and outdoor spaces 24/7. The vast Verisure catalog offers high quality and latest generation devices: among these the advanced technology of the Arlo HD intelligent camera kit stands out. These cameras, combined with the monitoring and intervention service of the Verisure Certified Operations Center, were elected product of the year 2022 *. Features of the Verisure video surveillance kit

Essential to prevent unpleasant events, such as break-ins, thefts or robberies, the video surveillance kit has numerous advantages. Among its most outstanding qualities is the integration of the Verisure alarm system, an option that makes the service effective and reliable in times of promptness and competence. In the event of theft, the Arlo video surveillance system is able to communicate with the Verisure Operations Center for rapid and constant security.

Other features of the high Artificial Intelligence tool lie in the guarantee of perfect functionality in all circumstances. A clear and sharp image is ensured even at night, thanks to the high visual quality of the product and the LED reflector for excellent color definition. All monitoring is guaranteed 24/7 by the Operations Center. And also for the customer it is possible to watch the recordings and live footage thanks to the My Verisure Italia and Arlo App. Verisure customers can also count on the 30-day unlimited video storage offer in private Cloud.

In addition to intelligent detection and wide angular vision (130 °), the video surveillance kit integrated with the alarm system is also a winner in terms of resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents, for long-term and long-lasting safety. Verisure intelligence goes further. Nothing escapes the eye of the kit. The cameras are intelligent: they only send useful notifications, for example related to the selected area. In addition, they know how to recognize animals, people and packages. In short, with Verisure devices, security becomes close at hand and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

For more information, please consult the website and request a free quote. Living in peace is possible if you really know who to turn to: choose Verisure for true and quality protection.

* Research on 12,000 consumers carried out by IRI, on a selection of services sold in Italy. Prodottodellanno.it cat Security Services

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