Hormonal imbalances: beware of these symptoms

Hormonal imbalances: beware of these symptoms

Hormonal imbalances give rise to some symptoms that may appear to be of little concern, but which should not be overlooked.

Do you always feel tired? Have you gained weight in a short time? Warning, they could be caused by hormones. Here are some unsuspected symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

Pimples, dark circles and hirsutism
Among the most visible and unsightly signs of hormonal disorders are the appearance of pimples, oily skin due to an increase in sebum production, the growth of facial hair and the formation of dark circles.

Hair loss, sweating and insomnia
A hormonal problem may have symptoms of unusual hair loss and particularly intense sweating, accompanied by a feeling of strong heat. Not only that, it has been established that the lack of testosterone in men and progesterone in women results in chronic insomnia.

Fatigue and depression
Those who always feel tired without a precise motivation, it is good that they do tests to check the level of progesterone, cortisol and thyroid hormones, fatigue could be caused by an imbalance in this sense. Hormonal disorders can also affect mood giving rise to depression, sadness and apathy.

Breast changes, so much thirst and weight gain
The breast is extremely sensitive to hormonal development, abnormal changes in consistency or size could hide hormonal imbalances. Even a sudden increase in weight is a warning bell, hormones in fact regulate the metabolic response. Among the symptoms not to be overlooked there are also always having thirst and often feeling the need to urinate.

If you have one (or more) of these symptoms, don't be alarmed, they could be due to hormonal imbalances as well as not being bound to hormones. Contact your doctor who will tell you the most appropriate therapy to follow and the tests to be performed.

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