Hormonal reset diet: you cleanse yourself and lose weight

Hormonal reset diet: you cleanse yourself and lose weight

Designed by Dr. Alan Christianson, it bases its effectiveness not on calorie counting, but on improving the functionality of the adrenal glands

The hormonal reset diet is a diet that promises to promote weight loss and purification of the organism by improving the efficiency of the adrenal glands.

Its creator is Dr. Alan Christianson, a doctor from Phoenix (Arizona) who specializes in endocrinology. Author of the bestseller The Adrenal Reset Diet, he is convinced that the correlation between overeating and weight gain is not scientifically based. According to his studies, weight gain is instead linked to a condition of stress of the adrenal glands, a situation in turn caused by the consumption of processed foods on an industrial level and exposure to toxins.

Christianson also points out that among the most important functions of the adrenal glands is the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone strongly linked to the presence of fatty deposits. In cases where the mechanism of cortisol production undergoes changes, it is easier to gain weight.

The hormone reset diet aims to solve the problem described above and do it without having to count calories. Instead, it is fundamental to pay attention to how many proteins, how many lipids and how many carbohydrates are taken at each meal. Meals must be three within 24 hours of the day. Snacks are a sporadic option. In cases where you feel the need to take a starvation break, it is advisable to turn to vegetables and fruit juices.

When talking about this diet, it is important to remember that it does not demonize carbohydrates in any way. Christianson even points out that low glucose dietary regimes can slow down adrenal gland function, resulting in increased cortisol secretion.

To avoid consequences of this kind, the hormonal reset diet recommends a breakfast and a lunch rich in proteins and with a minimum percentage of carbohydrates. At dinner, however, you can increase your carbohydrate intake, making sure that, over the course of the day, it is maintained between 30 and 40%.

In his books, Alan Christianson also considers physical exercise, remembering that it should not be too intense. A morning walk of 20/30 minutes is fine. Who wants, after a few weeks can add one in the evening. The practice of yoga is highly recommended to those who follow the hormonal reset diet.

Going into the details of the scheme, we remind you that a hypothetical daily menu can include breakfast with a vegetable smoothie, lunch with lettuce and turmeric chicken and dinner with a plate of vegetable rice. This diet should only be started after seeking the advice of your doctor.

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