Horoscope: because 2021 is the year of rebirth

Anno della rinascita

Big changes on the horizon for the zodiac signs. 2021 will be the year of planetary rebirth, but beware of the news

We really believed in it, putting hope in circulation, that better times would come for all of us. And, turning our eyes to the sky, it seems that the stars are giving us this confirmation: the new year will mark a planetary rebirth that will affect all of us a little.

Love, health and career, the year that has just opened before our eyes will bring lots of news on all fronts. Between the rediscovery of the important values ​​of life, we will all find ourselves reaping the luxuriant fruits of a difficult sowing that involved us firsthand last year. Thus, that normality that we had missed so much will return to our daily life, but it will be renewed and even more special. In short, this year seems to have risen under a lucky star, let's see together what the future holds for us sign after sign.


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For those born under the sign of Fire, between March 21 and April 20, it will be a year of total renewal.

Love will undergo an unexpected turn, old relationships will need new lifeblood, so some will be able to survive, but with an evolution. Some, however, will see the end this year, but it will only be the beginning of new and exciting adventures. For those, on the other hand, who are still looking for love, enjoy a little more solitude because from next summer it gets serious.

Horoscope 2021

Horoscope 2021, the year of rebirth

The work promises to be rosy and profitable for those born of this sign. New professional opportunities and career advancements will open up, not without the difficulties of the case which will, however, be largely overcome. The professional seriousness that characterizes these personalities will be a real advantage to succeed where others fail.

Health is there, but better preserve it. As? Resuming sports activities, even light ones, to regain the psychophysical well-being put to the test last year.


The Earth sign that uniquely distinguishes those born between April 21 and May 20 will be dominated by Uranus for the entire solar year. Let's see what the news is.

Love will give many satisfactions to those born of this sign: positive stimuli, novelties and new emotions will characterize the already existing stories. Those in search of great love will find it this year. Between summer stories and love at first sight, that person will arrive who will make your heart beat faster, the same person with whom to build a great couple project.

The work, on the other hand, will present situations that are not exactly easy. They will be confused months during which it will be necessary to make a choice, also dictated by the desire to change and live new experiences. From the middle of the year, new projects and challenges will arrive that will lead to many satisfactions.

Health will go hand in hand with what is the year of rebirth, but to enjoy all the benefits it will be important to carve out time for the prevention and care of the body and mind.


2021 will be the year of rebirth for Gemini, those born between 21 May and 21 June. Here's what the stars tell us.

Love, for those born of this sign, will be marked by novelty for all relationships as a couple. The more stable and long-lasting ones will seal the pact of love with a marriage and coexistence, the younger ones, on the other hand, will experience a love at first sight, which could turn into the story of life.

The work will bring a lot of satisfaction to the Gemini: everything will go smoothly between promotions, new projects and opportunities to be exploited. We have to tell you, this is really going to be your lucky year.

Health will find a benefit in this year marked by sports, travel and entertainment.

Year of rebirth

Horoscope 2021, the year of rebirth


The Water Sign of Cancer, which characterizes those born between 22 June and 22 July, will see many professional and sentimental possibilities in this new year.

Love will go very well: already tested couples will see, in this 2021, an incredible year full of emotions. Lots of news also in the family, all positive of course, but don't forget to pay attention to your origins, that's where unexpected gifts will come.

The work will bring many successes and satisfactions to those born of this sign. But be careful, you haven't stopped for a long time now and, since the goals have all been reached, take some time to slow down and dedicate yourself to something else.

Health must, however, be kept under control. It will be a year full of beautiful emotions, but not easy to manage. Take the time to practice sports and dedicate yourself to regenerating mind and body.


Great news is also coming for those born under the sign of Leo, but not all of them will be happy.

Love will be put to the test: an awareness of the relationship you are experiencing can put even the most lasting couples in crisis. It will be a difficult year from a sentimental point of view but, with responsibility and commitment, you will be able to realize your projects, only if you really want it.

The work, due to Jupiter and Saturn, will not bring the desired results. There will be a slowdown in economic revenues and the loss of some important projects. It is not the best year to invest, but hold on, tenacity and commitment will pay off over time.

Health must be preserved, especially yours, which is the sign of excesses. More time to devote to body and mind with sports and nature walks.


The presence of Neptune, in the life of those born under the sign of Virgo, will bring some confusion throughout the year. But the happy ending is not to be excluded.

Love is characterized by great news, but also by disappointments. The advice is to let go of the things that no longer work to invest, heart and feelings, in new relationships.

The work will come to a halt. Especially in the first part of the year you will find yourself experiencing difficult months, but with a lot of rationality and less impulsiveness you will be able to get away with it and reach your goals, not without effort.

Health, especially mental health, will be severely tested by the unexpected events that you will find yourself facing. It is the right time to dedicate yourself to meditation disciplines and yoga.

Weight scale

Those born between 23 September and 22 October will see all their dreams come true in this year. Here's what the stars have in store for you.

Love will give you a lot of satisfaction: you will find your soul mate and with it you will live the most beautiful and intense months of your life. But also for all those who are in a couple there is a lucky year: a wedding, the purchase of a house and the birth of a baby, your dream of love will thus be crowned.

The work will present you with a number of invaluable successes. Lots of news that you will find yourself facing between new collaborations, economic increases and promotions. For this you have only Jupiter to thank.

Health will also have its best times. The pathologies and those ailments that appeared last year will disappear, giving you a truly enviable piscophysical well-being.


Those born under this water sign will receive many stimuli in love, but changes are just around the corner. Be careful to make the right choices.

Love will make your heart beat again, as it hasn't happened for some time, but be careful to make the right choices and appropriate assessments. Those who live a stable and tested couple relationship will experience one of the most magical years ever.

The work will be characterized by many changes. If on the one hand there will be news and new stimuli, on the other hand all this hard work could tire you a lot.

Health needs to be preserved, this year as never before, especially due to psychosomatic pathologies. Dedicate more to yourself.


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius will have to work hard to get some of that much-desired happiness. But with a little patience, the satisfactions will come.

In love there will be a kind of flat calm, but this is not necessarily bad. It is precisely in this condition of solitude that you will be able to find yourself and open yourself to the true love that will arrive towards the end of the year.

The work will put you to the test, especially due to errors of evaluation made due to the great passion also employed in business. Take advantage of this deadlock to grow.

Health, on the other hand, will be your workhorse. Sport, this year, will be configured as a way out of problems and thoughts.


Not a bad year for those born under the sign of Capricorn who, however, will have to take care of themselves a little more.

Love will undergo the right push to get back on its feet. It will be the year of redemption and conquest to experience authentic feelings and to achieve the couple's goals too often postponed.

The work will grow, but not with effortlessly. However, tenacity and commitment will allow you to achieve the goals that have made you lose sleep so much. Whatever happens, the changes will be manifold.

Your health is severely tested by what will be, for you, the year of changes. But thanks to careful prevention, you will be able to solve even the smallest problems. Remember, however, not to neglect yourself.


Lots of news and big changes on the horizon for those born between January 21 and February 19. Here is the Aquarius horoscope.

Love could suffer setbacks, but with your maturity you will be able to make the right decisions that, in the best of cases, will lead to sealing the pact of love with a marriage or cohabitation.

Work will make you live your perfect year. Professional relationships and projects will change, everything will seem unpredictable, but hold on because the best will come very soon and it will be just as you imagined.

Health will be renewed. You will find yourself with a lot of energy that will flow into physical activity: body and mind will thank you.


Those born under the sign of Pisces will experience a rebirth in love and many changes. Let's see them together.

Love will transform the year of Pisces into a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. There will be difficult situations, but love triumphs over everything, even if the ending was not what you imagined.

The job will give you a hard time, especially in the first months of the year which look rather confusing. The advice is not to overdo it, but to make thoughtful and rational decisions.

Mental health is the one most at risk. It will be the fault of love and those sentimental changes that you will experience, what is certain is that you will have to dedicate more time to yourself to recover your energy and mental well-being.

Year of rebirth

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