Horoscope of Caterina Balivo, the characteristics of Pisces

Horoscope of Caterina Balivo, the characteristics of Pisces

Selfless, romantic, but determined: Caterina Balivo best embodies the characteristics of the zodiac sign of Pisces

Host and former model, Caterina Balivo was born in Naples on February 21, 1980 under the sign of Pisces, and grew up in Aversa, in the province of Caserta. Sensitive, selfless and romantic, the presenter fully reflects this zodiac sign.

Horoscope: the characteristics of Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces (February 20 – March 20) have Jupiter and Neptune as dominant planets. White / silver is their color, while the stones are coral, aquamarine, platinum and silver.

Sweetness and altruism, as explained by Virgilio Horoscope, are the main characteristics of Pisces who, despite being always open to others, also know how to close themselves up in a hedgehog if necessary due to their touchiness. If it is influenced by Jupiter, this sign can be exuberant and optimistic, while if it is Neptune that connotes it, it can become more spiritual and intimate.

In love he is vulnerable and often lets himself be carried away by the joy of experiencing strong emotions, idealizing the other person. Thanks to his affectionate way of doing things he always manages to create an idyllic atmosphere as a couple. Towards his partner he is devoted and dedicated to fulfilling his wishes, surrounding him with caring.

In her work she has great inventiveness, imagination and flexibility, as well as a good memory. He doesn’t value order and strict discipline very much. He has a nose for recognizing good opportunities, interpreting people and quickly discovering whom to be wary of. Who is of the sign of Pisces is of course. brought for artistic and creative activities. He learns quickly and becomes proficient even in what he does not have specific skills for.

In his free time, he prefers to cultivate his mind rather than his body, so he doesn’t devote much time to physical activity. He loves visiting exhibitions and galleries, spending time between readings, artistic circles and cultural trips.

Caterina Balivo, born under the sign of Pisces

Determined and strong, but also sensitive, Caterina Balivo best embodies the characteristics of the sign of Pisces. The presenter is a dynamic and always smiling woman, who however hides a more reserved and fragile side, difficult to show.

Her career on TV began thanks to Miss Italia and has never stopped since then, collecting numerous successes. If television has given her great satisfaction, it is in her private life that Caterina has had the best. On 30 August 2014, the presenter married Guido Maria Brera, financier and writer, in the splendid setting of Capri.

The couple had two children: Guido Alberto and Nora. As sincere as only those born under the sign of Pisces can be, the Balivo said she had experienced some difficult moments with her husband. Over the years, the couple has been tested by different visions of life, but also by Catherine’s jealousy. In fact, like all Pisces, the presenter is also very jealous in the relationship between two. “Someone has tried and still licks their wounds – she said, speaking of her husband’s numerous suitors -. They are there, poor things, who look at the sky and ask themselves: who made me do it? Have I ever beaten them? No, but humiliate yes “.

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