Hot flashes in menopause: causes and remedies

Hot flashes in menopause: causes and remedies

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, are some of the risk factors linked to the onset of hot flashes in menopause. Find out what remedies to take in this case

A woman’s body, perfect and wonderful, is affected by constant changes in the course of life. And often these variations certainly do not go unnoticed. Just think of the changes that occur during adolescence, when you are expecting a baby or when you are approaching or entering menopause.

In particular, menopause involves common symptoms, which can be more or less annoying, depending on the case. Possible mood swings, vaginal dryness, weight gain, hot flashes, are among these. These are physiological alterations due to hormonal changes in progress, specifically a drop in estrogen and progesterone.

Hot flashes, while common, do not affect all women and can occur with varying degrees of intensity. In fact, they can occur occasionally or persistently. However, a frequent manifestation should not be underestimated, as their presence can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

So what can we do if hot flashes occur frequently? We talked about it with Doctor Elisabetta Colonese, Surgeon, specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Therapy of Infertility for Couples.


  • What are
  • How they manifest
  • Cause
  • Risk factors
  • Remedies

What are

«Flushing is excessive vasodilation in the skin due to an increase in skin temperature. Specifically, the latter causes a compensatory response of the body to an increase in temperature ».

How they manifest

“The flush lasts a few minutes. It is a sudden sensation of heat that is felt above all in specific parts of the body, i.e. in the face, neck, chest. It can occur quite frequently during the night and can be associated with other phenomena such as sweating alternating with moments of cold, tachycardia ».


“The causes can be manifold. The most common is the drop in progesterone and estrogen typically present in perimenopause (ed. Period preceding menopause) and in menopause. To compensate for this physiological estrogenic decrease, the woman’s body causes an increase in the production of the hormone FSH at the level of the pituitary gland. All this causes alterations in our body thermostat that occur in all women but especially in those in perimenopause and menopause, in hot flashes “.

Risk factors

“Various risk factors can contribute to the onset of hot flashes, including:

  • obesity;
  • the type of power supply;
  • a sedentary lifestyle,
  • the smoke;
  • the alcohol;
  • genetic factors;
  • lo stress.

Women who have hot flashes should not underestimate the situation just because it is commonly believed to be a menopausal disorder. This is because those who have hot flashes have a greater cardiovascular risk than those who do not have them ».


“Among the remedies to be taken in case of hot flashes there are:

  • follow a balanced lifestyle;
  • try to propose relaxing therapies, from training rather than sports or body relaxation techniques;
  • specific therapies that can be in the form of supplements or hormonal type “, concludes the doctor.

In addition, since hot flashes occur mostly during the night disturbing it, it is possible to promote good sleep:

  • trying to stick to a time to go to bed;
  • check the thermostat before going to sleep, avoiding leaving it set on too high a temperature;
  • do not dress too hot;
  • avoid large meals;
  • sip a relaxing herbal tea.

In general, therefore, when hot flashes occur in menopause it is better not to underestimate them, especially when they are persistent: rather, it is good to seek the advice of your gynecologist. The latter, after evaluating the case, will indicate the most suitable therapy for the patient.

In the meantime, we can start by changing our lifestyle (when necessary), eating healthy and practicing physical activity appropriate to our body.

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