Housewives bonus: what it is and who can request it

Housewives bonus: what it is and who can request it

Promote the training and integration of unemployed women into the world of work: this is the goal of the 2021 housewives bonus

Among the measures put in place by the government to deal with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, there is also the housewife bonus. This is a fund introduced in 2020 with the August decree by the executive of Giuseppe Conte which provides for the allocation of about 3 billion euros to promote the training and integration of unemployed women into the world of work. A provision that, as the Minister for Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti underlines, intends to give importance to inclusive and professional qualification policies.

An important sign, considering the alarming data on female employment during the pandemic released by Istat, which show that women are more often employed in precarious jobs and that "a strong female disadvantage in technical-scientific degrees" persists from generally they are characterized by greater employability).

In Italy there are about 7 million housewives who take care of the home and family full-time, of which more than half in the South. As the Director of the Central Directorate for Social Statistics and Welfare of Istat, Cristina Freguja, told us " In 2019, even before the crisis hit us, the employment rate of childless women between the ages of 25 and 49 was 71.9%. This value dropped to 53.4% ​​in the presence of a preschool child and reached 34.1% among Southern women ”.

The bonus will therefore seek to guarantee greater employment opportunities through a credit to attend free training courses useful for accessing the world of work. But what are the requirements to get it? And who can apply?

Let's see specifically how it works and to whom it is aimed.

Home bonus 2021: how it works

Unlike other government-approved contributions to address the economic crisis of families and workers during the pandemic, the housewife bonus will not be paid out in the form of spendable cash.

In other words, no money will be paid into taxpayers' coffers: it is in fact a fund that can be accessed under specific conditions, which will provide a credit that people can only spend on training courses or events / services in the cultural and working. The purpose, therefore, is to facilitate access to updating, so as to acquire skills and knowledge that can then be spent in the workplace.

Who is entitled to the housewives bonus

According to the decree of 14 August 2020, the "Fund for the personal training of housewives" is aimed at those who carry out activities in the home, without subordination and free of charge, but aimed at caring for people and the environment familiar. The bonus is therefore up to all unemployed women, without limits related to ISEE, in possession of Italian citizenship or a regular residence permit.

Not only that: men who are in a similar position and meet the requirements listed above can also access the bonus.

How to apply for the 2021 housewives bonus

At the moment, the way in which you can apply for the housewives bonus has not yet been made official. The methods and timing of implementation, in fact, will be indicated in a specific implementing decree in the process of being approved which will be issued by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities and the Family. In all likelihood, INPS will be entrusted with the task of managing requests.

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