How do you get such perfect skin?

How do you get such perfect skin?

Diletta Leotta, who always has flawless skin, owes this peculiarity of her beauty also to her mother and grandmother's genes

As is well known, the beauty of the skin is severely tested not only by age, but also by stress and environmental factors. To always have it shining, hydrated and elastic, it is important to undergo targeted treatments and use quality products. Diletta Leotta, whom we interviewed for our exclusive #fattibella format with Diletta, does it and chooses specific creams according to the times of the day.

Intended to further investigate the secrets behind her flawless complexion, we asked her whether or not there is also the paw of genetics. What did the beautiful Catania host say to us? That her mom and grandmother are beautiful and have incredible skin. We were already aware of the charm of the first, Ofelia Castorina, given that the lady is present on Instagram and is often immortalized in her daughter's photos.

Diletta Leotta – who is very attached to her family – hopes to have taken from them regarding the ability of the skin to remain splendid over the years. This is very probable given that, according to what he revealed to us during the pleasant chat we had in the living room of his Milanese home, the sisters also maintain themselves very well.

However, he wanted to reiterate that it is mainly the mother and grandmother who are "very lucky" and to stress that he really hopes to have taken from them. In his opinion, the beauty of his skin is a mix of genetics and daily commitment. In this regard, he called into question a crucial aspect, namely nutrition. Diletta Leotta rightly recalled that it is essential to have an always relaxed face and to "always look young".

We can only give you reason! Healthy nutrition is an ally valuable to say the least, the beauty of the skin which, as already mentioned, is subject not only to the loss of tone that occurs naturally with age, but also to the damage caused by environmental pollution and stress which, very often, characterizes our days.

Genetics matter – to realize it, in the case of Diletta Leotta, just see the social photos with the mother – but, let's remember it well, without the right attention at the table and at the time of the beauty routine it is very difficult to see results!

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