How do you wear the white shirt? Here are the outfits you don’t imagine!

How do you wear the white shirt? The most basic garment we have in our wardrobe is also the most versatile one, which we cannot do without! Here are all the outfits you do not imagine to be made with the white shirt!

With just one basic garment we can create many trendy outfits. For example? The white shirt is undoubtedly the most basic, versatile and chic garment we have in the wardrobe, which if combined in the correct way can give us pearls of style!

White shirt

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We fashion lovers love to create our looks to perfection, because what we wear tells us to the whole world. We show ourselves through clothes, outfits and accessories, and for this reason fashion is a fundamental element in our life.

But sometimes we waste infinite time creating particular and convoluted outfits that we happen to not feel at ease. In fact this happens when all the garments chosen for our look are too worked, and in the end we see ourselves in the mirror and we feel “artificial”.

Here we enter CheWomanto help you in this stylistic situation. There is a very simple way to avoid this style drawback. Which? Use at least one basic item in every look we wear.

We need to learn to build our looks around one simple piece at a timewhich can be the trousers, the shoe or the shirt.

In fact, today in this style guide we will see how to wear one of the most basic and versatile garments we have in our wardrobe in trendy outfits: the white shirt.

What to wait for? Here’s how to create unimaginable looks with just a white shirt!

The white shirt is the trendy element that we can’t do without: here are 3 looks for three different occasions with the white shirt!

Wearing a basic garment in the looks allows us many things: the first is to create many particular but never exaggerated outfits, the second is to be able to make the person behind the look notice. Because the purpose of fashion is to enhance the wearer of a certain outfit and not be overwhelmed by a too complex combination!

White shirt

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see 3 looks starting with the white shirt:

  • white shirt and straight jeans: this combination is the most basic of all but it gives us infinite joys. For the day walk with friends wide jeans and white t-shirt plus sneakers. For the aperitif, pointy décolleté and handbag matching the heel. For the first date, white shirt, tight jeans, heeled sandal and shoulder bag!
  • under jacket: for work in the office, or not, wearing a white shirt under the suit consisting of jacket and trousers is the lifesaver you need. Chic, elegant and sober at the same time.
  • midi knitted skirt: for an evening at the last minute and you have not been able to prepare your look properly do not worry. Take the white t-shirt or oversized shirt from your closet, a midi skirt, of any pattern and fabric, close it all with a heeled shoe and clutch bag and you will be at the top! By the way, do you want to look taller? Copy Victoria Beckham’s studied and trendy looks!

White shirt

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Now that we have seen how to wear the white shirt, nobody stops us! Create your trendiest looks starting with a basic garment. You will be perfect!