How does Christmas sound to you? Our party playlist

How does Christmas sound to you? Our party playlist

Christmas has its own soundtrack, like our life, and our holiday playlist is a gift for you

Christmas is coming and this year there are many reasons to label it as "different".
The world doesn't seem to have much to celebrate but we want to believe instead that this party brings a real rebirth and that in our homes, its magic and its atmosphere can make us spend some beautiful days, sharing our affection and happiness with everyone. relatives, even if through a video call.

Because the meaning of Christmas must be this, to feel close to those we love, to our family, being able to reunite even if only virtually, in a warm embrace made of emotions and smiles.

This is why our gift for all Tipsforwomens readers is a playlist dedicated to Christmas!

You can listen to it every day, share the link with friends and relatives and put it together as a background while preparing the Christmas tree or lunch.

Because these days of celebration are also made up of this, of Christmas songs that we hear, learn at school or hum while we walk to shop.

In this period full of magic we want to imagine ourselves going wild to dance a "Jingle bell Rock" or to mimic ice skating with "Last Christmas". From timeless classics to new hits or reinterpretations, the sound of Christmas 2020 can be found here, by pressing play and starting our playlist.

Because between panettone (or pandoro), lunches, dinners, lights and gifts, a background that warms the heart can make everything more beautiful.

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