How eyelash extensions work

Eyelash extensions offer magnetic eyes and do not require any make up: find out why choose them and who they are recommended for

Do you dream of a fawn look but have you tried them all without results? Between mascara and false eyelashes, have you been distracting yourself for years among the various proposals and treatments to lengthen the eyelashes and intensify the look without satisfaction? Eyelash extension could be the solution for you: an aesthetic treatment that consists of lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, to give larger eyes and a dreamy look with a natural effect and without resorting to make up. The eyelash extension was born precisely to solve the problem that afflicts many women, namely that of having short, sparse, clear, sometimes even straight and particularly thin eyelashes, lastingly and with a definitely more natural and fascinating effect than the common false eyelashes that are disposable or have a limited duration, and end up weighing on the wallet and stressing the natural eyelashes, irritating the eyelid with continuous applications, without giving satisfactory results.

The extensions for the eyelashes, on the other hand, are also called semi-permanent false eyelashes, because precisely they can be worn without having to be put on, removing make-up, removed every evening. Similar to hair extensions, the effect can last a few weeks, also based on the maintenance and stress to which they are subjected. Regardless of the characteristics of the starting eyelashes, then, the eyelashes applied with the extension can be studied in different materials, from synthetic fibers to silk fiber, from real hair to mink hair, and different nuances, totally customized for your complexion and the effect you want to achieve.

How do eyelash extensions work?

Are you curious about the potential of eyelash extension and do you want to understand how it works? Here are some more details on how eyelashes for extensions are applied. Since the purpose of this treatment is to thicken the eyelashes, increase their length, curvature and volume but maintain an effect as natural as possible, the base on which they will be applied are their own natural eyelashes. The actual application of the extension can take place in various ways: the additional lashes, which are synthetic or of natural origin, can be inserted individually or in tufts, alternating with the already present lashes, blending into being and giving an absolutely natural volumizing effect .

Using different lengthening and thickening techniques, the desired effect is obtained from time to time: we find the volume, 2D, 3D, and the most effective and versatile eyelash extension method, or the One To One technique, which involves positioning and fixing one hair at a time in the ciliary rim. Each technique provides for the attachment of additional eyelashes through specific cosmetic glues and a specific result: from the butterfly effect to the cat's eye, from the only lengthening to the specific thickening effect. In any case, the advice is to contact a specialized center, where an eyelash designer will be ready to advise you on the type of eyelashes and the most suitable treatment to better enhance your look depending on the conformation of your natural eyelashes, the shape of the eye etc.

What are the advantages of the eyelash extension?

Surely the application of eyelash extensions is a small investment and therefore it is worth thinking about the pros and cons before proceeding. Among the main advantages there is certainly the practicality of the one-off application: once worn you can forget you have them and you will no longer need to use mascara, you will not have to remove them every evening and you can make an appointment with the beautician after a few weeks , even more than a month after the first application.

Another advantage is undoubtedly the natural effect of the eyelash extension: you can reduce the make-up of the eyes, which will appear larger, and in general of the face because the look will already be very intense and magnetic. To make the most of the natural appearance of your eyelashes you can show off an amazing soap and water look, ideal especially in summer. An extra touch? In view of the summer season let yourself be advised by your beauty consultant and try applying some colored lashes, always semi-permanent, among yours of natural color: you will have an original and whimsical look, perfect for summer parties or for a special evening !

Is there any disadvantage?

The eyelash extension is not a suitable treatment for everyone: for example, it is not recommended for those with too short and weak eyelashes, because a base of natural eyelashes that are strong enough for the application of additional ones is required. Another disadvantage could be the duration, which is not a scientific data and the same for all. Being once again eyelashes applied to the natural base, their duration is closely linked to the life cycle of your eyelashes, which can go on average from 3 to 5 weeks, but can increase or decrease depending on various factors such as stress and seasonality.

In case of eyelash loss, you will not be alarmed in any case: you may simply have to resort to a touch-up earlier than expected. Finally, it is good to consider that the eyelash extension is in all respects a luxury aesthetic treatment, which is quite demanding and expensive: the sessions are quite long because it is a highly precise job, and the costs start from 100-200 euro, but they can go up depending on the material chosen for the extensions, the application technique and any retouches and additional treatments.

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