How hair mist works

How hair mist works

The perfume for hair is the new trend of the summer 2019: with some spray of hair mist you will have perfumed and shiny hair

Are you looking for a product that leaves a trail of perfume on your hair? Try the hair mist, and you won't be disappointed. As well as the skin, in fact, even our hair, especially with the arrival of summer, may require the use of specific products to keep odors away.

In addition to giving your hair a pleasant scent, these ointments also have a nutritional function for the skin, which they can also protect from external agents such as smog and pollution. Do you want to know how they work and what is the most suitable hair mist for you? Find out in the mini guide we made for you.

How to use hair mist

Perfect to carry in your handbag, hair mist can be sprayed several times over the day on your hair. Spray them on the head, but above all on the lengths, if you want a lasting fragrance. Alternatively, you can also spray them on the brush before passing it through your hair.

It is important to point out that the hair mist should not be used as a substitute for shampoo: continue to wash your hair regularly, softening it, if necessary, with masks or conditioner. Only after having dried them properly, you can proceed with some spray of perfume.

What are the benefits of hair mist?

Hair mists deserve to be part of your beauty routine because they offer many benefits to your hair. Here they are in summary:

  • they neutralize or cover other odors, for example of smoke or food, accompanying your simple gesture with an excellent perfume;
  • they do not dry or ruin the hair because they contain many volatile substances;
  • they have a lighter and less aggressive formula than that of a normal perfume, which you must limit to the skin;
  • they do not remain "sticky", but their effect is evanescent and is exhausted within a few hours;
  • make your hair immediately more shiny and healthy thanks to the numerous nutrients they are made of;
  • they don't cost too much, and you can choose between formats and brands for all types of pockets;
  • they are practical and easy to carry even in your pochettes and smaller bags for special occasions.

Which are the best hair mist around

Hair mixes exist in different variants, able to satisfy all tastes and needs. Whether you are looking for a delicate and evanescent fragrance, or for a sensual and decisive essence, you can choose from dozens and dozens of proposals.

Hair mists are designed for different types of hair, and all the major cosmetics brands have created lines of these more or less economical products: some are inspired by famous perfumes, others are created from scratch. We mention some of the most popular ones.

  • If you are traditionalist you can choose the classic Parfum cheveaux Chanel n.5, to seduce with grace and sensuality.
  • Miss Dior is for you if you are looking for a feeling of freshness and lightness thanks to mandarin, jasmine and patchouli.
  • Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia is perfect for summer evenings, blending the aromas of lemon, cold mint, cane sugar, and jasmine.
  • Gucci Bloom hair mist, as well as the homonymous fragrance, focuses instead on jasmine, tuberose and rangoon creeper.
  • Rose, jasmine, orange blossom, cherry, apple and cassis make up Guerlain's La petite robe noir hair mist.
  • Narciso Rodriguez takes the field with the hair mist For Her, made with musk, osmanthus head, orange blossoms notes of vanilla, heart of amber and vetiver.
  • Lancôme finally aims at Trésor Midnight, a very delicate fragrance based on roses, jasmine, peony, blackcurrant, pink pepper, raspberry, essence of Virginia cedar, vanilla and musk.

How to create a hair mist at home

If you have enough free time and are good with oils and essences, you can also think about making your own hair mist. You will need a bottle with a vaporizer to use the perfume, a vegetable oil and an essential oil.

First of all, you will have to dissolve around 15 drops of the essential oil chosen from the vegetable oil (for example jojoba oil or aloe) to get the perfect fragrance. Once mixed, you can proceed to spray it on the hair with the vaporizer. Be careful, however, not to choose an oil that is too full-bodied or substantial: it could weigh down your hair.

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