How healthy is your breakfast? We tell you

How healthy is your breakfast? We tell you

How is a healthy and balanced breakfast made up? Having a nutritious breakfast is essential to provide the body with the right calorie needs

To be sure of having a healthy breakfast, you need to make 25% of your daily calorie needs. A healthy breakfast is one of the fundamental meals of the day, as it is necessary to have the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to be able to face daily challenges to the maximum. Despite this, several studies have shown that most Italians do not pay attention to what they consume in the morning, also thanks to the haste to go to work. But how should a healthy and correct breakfast be for our body?

The group of basic foods for a healthy breakfast is made up of dairy products, fruit and cereals. The ideal breakfast must consist of a portion of milk, which can be cow or vegetable or alternatively a yogurt, a portion of cereals, such as wholemeal biscuits or rusks, and a fruit. The consumption of cereals is essential to bring fiber to our body and increase the sense of satiety. What are the most common mistakes? One of the most common mistakes is that of not having breakfast at all; this wrong behavior slows down the metabolism and weighs down digestion.

Furthermore, not eating breakfast increases nervous hunger, so you have the desire to eat continuously throughout the day and this leads to weight gain. Another wrong behavior is to have a too poor breakfast: when you are in a hurry you tend to eat only one fruit, one or two biscuits, or worse, only drink coffee on an empty stomach. Another very common mistake is to consume foods that are too rich in sugar during breakfast; this does not mean that you cannot eat a croissant or a slice of cake, but that you have to be careful not to overdo the quantities.

Furthermore, it is good to consider that the consumption of too fatty foods causes a glycemic peak, which will collapse in a few hours and will restore the sense of hunger. If you can, also avoid packaged fruit juices, as they are rich in sugars; to them, you prefer a nice homemade juice with genuine ingredients. Finally, experts recommend drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up even before breakfast, in order to purify the body and maintain the right hydration.

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