How Lovoo dating site works

How Lovoo dating site works

For those who want to meet the right person or even make new friends, there is the Lovoo dating app: here's everything you need to know

Thanks to the hectic days, the daily stress and – let's face it – the bad habit of leading a social life filtered by Social Media, meeting interesting people live is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Whether you are looking for a soul mate, an exciting adventure or simply someone to share an aperitif with on a Friday night, Lovoo is for you! What is Lovoo? A completely free dating app – based on the operation of the site of the same name – which will allow you to make new and interesting acquaintances in a short time. Here's how it works.

Like many other online dating apps, Lovoo also bases its fundamental operating principles on the "match" rule! This means that when two users show mutual interest, "the match is triggered" and they – only after the "match" – can start interacting with each other through a section dedicated to private conversations. What differentiates Lovoo from many other dating apps is the ability to accumulate credits, which are essential for fully enjoying all the features of the app. With credits, for example, you can preview who has shown appreciation for us!


  • How to install Lovoo
  • How to register on Lovoo
  • Create a profile on Lovoo
  • Get to know people on Lovoo
  • Other Lovoo features
  • Lovoo premium account

How to install Lovoo

By following this guide, using Lovoo will seem simple and immediate, so that you can enjoy only the best that this application and its features have to offer! First of all, a fundamental requirement for downloading the application is to have a smartphone and a stable internet connection. Downloading it will be simple, just access the digital store made available by your smartphone: if you have a smartphone with an iOS system you will have to access the Apple Store, if you have a smartphone with an Android system, you will have to access the PlayStore.

In both cases, type “Lovoo” in the search bar: it will surely be the first of the results that will appear and you will be able to recognize it by its characteristic colored heart icon on a white background! Downloading and installing it on your smartphone takes little time and will be completely free. Was the installation successful? Great, now you can start expanding your network of acquaintances.

How to register on Lovoo

There will not be many steps to take before you can access Lovoo and start making new friends. Lovoo is designed to be user friendly thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, which will offer you a series of different and original features. As soon as the app is installed, you can open it. What you will see will be the welcome screen, through which you can proceed to register, a necessary step to access the lovoo features. To do so, you can click on “Register”, then inserting a valid e-mail address and a secret password; or you can benefit from the easy registration service thanks to Facebook or Google accounts, if already installed on your smartphone.

Once you have chosen and completed your registration, click on the "Next" button. By choosing easy registration, your personal profile will already be complete with some data taken from the Lovoo app from your Facebook or Google account, otherwise you will have to manually enter your profile photo and other essential information, such as date of birth and gender. Once the registration process on Lovoo is complete, press "Finish" and start having fun!

Create a profile on Lovoo

To ensure a successful stay on Lovoo and interesting meetings, it will be essential to take care of your personal profile. Users, as can be easily guessed, do not know each other, which is why they will base their appreciation only on the appearance of the profile image and on the data you will make available to them. Consequently, the more curated and detailed a personal profile is, the more likely it is to appear interesting in the eyes of other Lovoo users.

Carefully take care of your profile! By clicking on the little man symbol at the bottom left, you will access your personal profile where you can upload photos that portray you, your age and some details about your passions, hobbies and personal interests. It will also be important to enter the place where you are, it will be used for Lovoo's geolocation to identify other users who are in your vicinity. To complete your personal profile, you will also need to perform the "Profile Verification" using the wizard from the app itself. In this way you can get the "blue check" that will show other users that your profile is real and not a fake.

Get to know people on Lovoo

Once your profile reflects your personality, it's finally time to start meeting new people in the area. Doing so is very simple, and the proposed methods are all to be discovered in the lower bar of the application. Before starting the game, one last tip: customize your search in the "Near you" section. At the top right you will find the symbol of a "Gear" to activate some filters, including the gender of your interest, the age range and their proximity. Also in the section "Near you" you can activate the Radar: this tool shows you a series of contacts that are in your immediate vicinity, then displaying their personal card and having access to their data.

But the fun is all in the “Match” section. Here, the Lovoo app – based on the preferences saved during registration – will offer you "cards", that is, profiles of people similar to you. To learn more, just scroll down to view the photos and personal information of the proposed contact. To play, you will have three buttons: the "heart" symbol to express a positive judgment and groped to win the match and the "X" symbol to express a negative opinion and discard the card definitively. The third button with the "Message" symbol, on the other hand, allows you to use the "Ice Breaker" function, with which you can send the person a private message to try to break the ice in up to 250 characters. Have you finally made your first match? You will notice from the notification in the "Messages" section, thanks to which you are now allowed to communicate freely with the contact in private chat, without time or space limits.

Other Lovoo features

What mainly differentiates Lovoo from other online dating sites is the section dedicated to "Live". With short videos recorded live, you will give people in your vicinity a chance to get to know you better. The videos that are considered the most useful, fun and original, dramatically increase the chances of receiving the like or the Ice Breaker, thus reaching the coveted Match! To take advantage of this feature, viewing the videos of Lovoo contacts, just access the Live section: in "Trends" you will find the most viewed live videos, in "Near you" you will find live videos of contacts who are nearby, while in “Favorites” you will find the live videos of the people with whom the mutual interest was taken. To make yourself known more by Lovoo contacts, making a live video is a great idea: just tap the red button in the center of the Live section to record and make yourself known at 360 degrees.

Lovoo premium account

Although Lovoo is a completely free dating application in its basic functions, subscribing to a premium subscription will give you the opportunity to access exclusive content and features. Thanks to paid Lovoo, you will have the possibility to cancel the Like in an unlimited way instead of once a day, you will be able to preview who has expressed appreciation for your profile, look at the likes assigned, and – last but not least – get a more visibility than basic users, which will give you a better chance of meeting interesting people! To subscribe to the premium subscription, simply click on the user icon from the application home, select the gear icon and select "Become a Premium member now".

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