How many calories do you have to eliminate to live longer?

How many calories do you have to eliminate to live longer?

Eliminating calories to live longer: this seems to be the new frontier to implement a truly healthy lifestyle

Eliminating calories to live longer: by now it seems well established that nourishing in a measured way is the necessary condition to be able to obtain a lasting state of health over the decades. The daily requirement that must be met to achieve this result is very small. Keep an eye out for snacks and between meals, therefore: it is not possible to go under any circumstances.
Unlike what one might think, the problem is not the line: for once, body fat is not the main element to be kept under control. Eliminating calories can be one of the methods to live longer even for those people who can boast an enviable body mass index.

We all know how abdominal fat is a very dangerous enemy for anyone looking for a healthy and lasting life: it now seems, however, defined that even those who can boast a flat and slender belly must reduce the amount of food ingested. In fact, the digestion and disposal of toxins lead the body to work very intensely: in part this energy expenditure, sometimes excessive, would be the cause of cellular aging.
By controlling the calories consumed, therefore, it would be possible to go against this physiological trend. In this way the whole circulatory system can receive very significant benefits: it seems that a hypoenergetic diet can reduce the presence of many of the most common phlogistic pictures in a western lifestyle.

However, how many calories to eliminate to live longer? It is not easy to define a universal number that can be applied to each individual. For example, there are some pathologies and some life stages that can suffer from a restrictive diet. Women of childbearing age, for example, need to be especially careful: massive weight loss can even prevent them from having children.
In general terms, it is believed that western food can be reduced by at least 20%. This means that the 2000 calories from which a man's daily needs are made must drop to around 1600, while the 1350 that women need must be reduced to 1100. Obviously it is a generalization: those who decide to eat less must do so keeping your body under control.

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