How many hours should you sleep at 30 years old

How many hours should you sleep at 30 years old

Sleeping needs at 30: according to a recent study, sleep decreases with advancing age. However, there are many factors to consider, such as personality

How many hours should I sleep at 30? According to research carried out by the National Sleep Foundation, a US research organization, the proverbial seven hours of sleep are not recommended for everyone. According to this research which was published in the Sleep Healt magazine, depending on the age group to which it belongs, a certain number of recommended hours of sleep corresponds. Sleep is a physiological requirement and is characterized by a lowering of man's level of consciousness. It is essential for the survival of the individual and for his psychic balance as it allows the organism to regenerate.

According to experts, the need for sleep decreases with advancing age; in fact, while a newborn needs 18 hours of sleep, an elderly person needs only 5 or 7. According to this research, up to 30 years should sleep 7 hours and 20 minutes to recover energy and vitality, of which two hours in the REM phase . What is the REM phase? To date, thanks to special studies carried out on brain wave monitoring, it has been established that there are two main phases of sleep: the non-REM phase and the REM phase.

According to these studies, there are four stages in the non-REM phase; the first stage is known as the falling asleep phase, i.e. it is a state that oscillates between wakefulness and light sleep. Stage two is known as light sleep, stage three as deep sleep and stage four as actual deep sleep, i.e. when our bodies begin to regenerate. The REM phase, rapid eye movement, occurs about 4 or 5 times a night. During this phase, brain activity is very rapid and is also characterized by total muscle relaxation.

Despite the outcome of the research, however, many argue that the sleep requirement is extremely subjective, as it depends on the needs of the individual. In fact, there are many people who, while sleeping 4-5 hours per night, wake up refreshed and active like those who have tamed 9 hours. Another feature that influences the hours of sleep is the personality of each of us; in general, hard-working, energetic and ambitious people tend to sleep less hours, while dissatisfied, worried and neurotic people tend to sleep more.

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