How many hours you sleep?

How many hours you sleep?

The presenter revealed that she would like to sleep 9 hours a night and that every now and then she takes a refreshing nap during the day

As part of the exclusive video format #fattibella with Diletta, through which we started to discover the beauty secrets of one of the most loved women of Italian TV, we decided to focus on an aspect that, when it comes to beauty, is often put in the background in favor of advice on products and treatments (very important, there is no doubt).

What are we talking about? Of sleep. During the chat that saw us guests for an afternoon in the living room of his Milanese home, we asked Diletta Leotta how many hours she sleeps per night. He immediately replied that, if he could, he would sleep nine hours every day but unfortunately he cannot.

However, he specified that, as a good Sicilian, she can take a nap after lunch as soon as she can. In his opinion, even twenty minutes are sufficiently regenerating ("I recommend them because it seems to me to sleep 4 hours each time"). For this reason, when he can he always tries to carve out a short period of time to give himself some restful rest (clearly not on the days when he is at work).

We could not fail to ask her for some information on how she manages sleep because, we repeat, sleep well and a sufficient number of hours is fundamental for beauty. During the night, in fact, our skin regenerates. Furthermore, as always remembered by Diletta Leotta, she is particularly reactive, which is why it is important to choose beauty products with a stronger action.

To end the day in the best way, a moisturizing and regenerating mask can also be useful (a choice that Diletta Leotta often makes when she comes home after work on the radio or on TV). To this attention, as just mentioned, it combines the benefits of a restful sleep, adding when a few minutes of rest during the day.

The results are obvious! Diletta Leotta is in fact one of the most fascinating women of the Italian show, host and social star who, dividing herself between different engagements (soon we will also see her on the Sanremo stage), still manages to find time to take care of her beauty.

Much has been done by mother nature – with the genes of mom and grandmother – but she too puts in her every day, aware of the role of nutrition, physical activity and the use of quality beauty products.

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