How much can you really save with electric cars?

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Does choosing an electric car really mean saving money? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Here’s the whole truth about it.

In recent times it is a widespread idea that electric cars – or even hybrids – allow you to save large sums compared to combustion ones.

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Let’s start by saying that in part this can be considered true only in light of the fact that the expensive fuel prices has caused the price of gasoline to skyrocket.

Having said that, however, we generally know that the purchase price for an electric car is slightly higher than for a combustion vehicle. There is a though about it.

There are incentives for the purchase of electric and hybrid cars. For example, last year all people who scrapped their car with at least 10 life and bought another that emitted a maximum of 135 g / km of CO2 (Euro 6) could access the 3500 euro bonus.

This obviously was done above all to favor a lower environmental impact and, therefore, greater sustainability.

Furthermore another factor to consider is maintenance: the costs of electric cars are lower, because having fewer moving parts, it wears much more difficult.

In short, there is no need to change the oil, nor to check the timing belts and the injectors (all necessary actions for combustion cars) and this obviously translates into great savings.

However, it must be added that the latest models of modern cars still allow you to spend less on maintenance because they are designed to last longer.

Having said that, how much can we save by choosing an electric car? Here’s the whole truth about it.

Here’s how much we save by choosing an electric car

When does an electric car allow us to save money? First before answering this question we also consider another factor: the comfort.

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That is let’s first consider the practical benefits: we can use it in many more areas, such as all the ZTLs.

We also consider CO2 emissions: we are talking about 0 g / km compared to about 120 g / km. of combustion cars (and 80 g / km of hybrids).

Then we have to think about fuel, which today has reached exorbitant prices: in this way we know that with electric cars we can save 65% of costs, while with hybrids about 33%.

Then we must also add that with the hybrids and the electric ones you do not have to pay for parking on the blue lines and not even the stamp duty for the first 5 years (but this is only valid in some regions of Italy, so it is good to inquire).

According to an analysis conducted by, in practice, only in the first year of life, the operating costs touch 1,560 euros for a hybrid car and 850 euros for an electric vehicle. Which translated means that nin the first case you will save 44%, while in the second case 69%.

Speaking in numbers, in the first 3 years of life alone a hybrid saves us about 4,440 euros compared to a combustion car, while an electric car, saves us about 6,570 euros. Indeed in the first case the costs on average amount to € 4,680, in the second to € 2,550.

How much would a diesel or petrol car cost us? Approximately 9,120 euros. So it is clear that the savings are by no means small.

Always talking about expensive prices, here is a very simple method to save about 20% on the air conditioner.

In short, today it is clear that saving with an electric car is really very easy.

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