How much do Italians spend to go to the beach? The answer will surprise you

spendono italiani mare

How much do Italians spend on average to go to the beach? The answer came straight from Morning News and it’s truly amazing.

How much do Italians spend to go to the beach? This is a question that many have placed themselves, but without finding an answer.

Italians spend the sea

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Yes, because analyzing the current Italian situation, we are seeing tremendous inflation, which in turn has led to high prices that have probably been underestimated for months and months, but which today is affecting families not a little.

And then we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in the cost of energy, gasoline, many raw materials (first of all wheat, which we know to be an essential good).

And the forecasts on the trend of inflation tell us that in fact this it will remain at high levels for months to come.

The price of energy could decrease slightly in a few months, but at the same time we could have further increases in raw materials, due to the impossibility of the latter to arrive from Ukraine.

This is – broadly speaking, of course – the current situation we have in Italy. And how are the Italians reacting? Many are obviously giving up on holidays, or at least choosing low cost destinations.

But are we sure it’s possible to skimp on sunny days? The high prices are also extending to the shores and this could make it difficult for many families to be able to go on vacation. This is how much Italians spend to go to the beach.

Here’s how much Italians spend to go to the beach

To give us an estimate of how much Italians spend to go to the beach Morning News took care of it.

Italians spend the sea

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For them, it seems, the holidays would be more and more expensive. And this would make it impossible for some of them to leave for some seaside destination.

The recent high prices, in fact, are also affecting many shores, which would have undergone a 10% increase.

Therefore, on average, an umbrella and two sunbeds can arrive to cost even 75 euros per day. Obviously prohibitive price for many families, especially if we consider that there are large families for which a single umbrella would not be enough.

As it emerges from some data made available by Legambiente, furthermore, there would be fewer and fewer stretches of free beaches available. Concessions for bathing establishments are 12,166 more than in 2018 and, therefore, in the last 4 years they would have increased by 12.5%.

Obviously then we must add to this that not everyone is lucky enough to already live on the sea, therefore many people they must necessarily move to reach seaside resorts.

And, in the light high fuel prices, now skyrocketing, this would make it even more complicated for some Italians to be able to allow themselves even just a day at the beach on the weekend.

And it does not end there yet, because we know very well that soon motorway tolls could also increase (and this could happen as early as the end of the month).

To announced it was Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, who announced that a 1.5% increase in tariffs could soon arrive.

According to the person concerned, this increase would not be very significant, but it is not so if we think of those who have to travel long distances. If we consider that – for obvious reasons – we must consider round trips, the sum could give rise to a not insignificant increase.

The result of all this? Approximately 5 million Italians they may be forced to give up going on a beach holiday.

In any case, speaking of summer, here is the Conditioner Bonus, who is entitled to and how to request it.

But now we know that going on vacation can really cost a fortune.

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