How much exercise to do after a day at the desk

How much exercise to do after a day at the desk

That's how much you need to move if you do a sedentary job that nails you to the chair all day

Performing sedentary work is really hard. We often have to sit in the chair without getting up, and all this has very negative effects on the human body. Sitting for a day can lead to local diseases of the cardio-circulatory system. For example, many cases of hemorrhoids have been recorded in medicine after a day of sitting work. This is why it is important to always remember to do some healthy physical activity. The best would be to go to an outdoor gym.

But even going for a run is not a bad idea. The movement stimulates the blood circulation, the heart accelerates the beats and also the stress of the job is less. Many people claim that playing soccer, soccer, basketball or even volleyball after sedentary work can be a great way to decrease the level of the cortisol hormone in the blood and then relax, reducing fatigue levels. It would seem strange, yet according to some studies every human has both mental energy to consume and physical energy.

If a man does a lot of physical activity, he will certainly come home tired, but he may want to solve some quizzes or simply watch a documentary on television. On the other hand, if you only do mental work while sitting, perhaps making calls from the office, or solving geometry problems, you accumulate the physical energy that needs to be expelled. But if so, how much exercise do you do? According to many doctors, it is enough to do an hour of physical activity a day.

This can be running, working out at the gym, or even just walking. The important thing is that it is outdoors, so that the lungs can receive enough oxygen to pass to the blood. Performing an hour of physical activity a day will surely feel better. The mind will be fresher and more rested. And the tissues will also undergo better blood circulation. Doing physical exercise after a day's work helps to reconcentrate, download the adrenaline, expel the negative emotions accumulated during the day and be reborn. This is why doing exercises is recommended by all the greatest doctors in the world.

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