How much water do you drink every day?

The Sicilian conductor constantly hydrates during the day and brings a one and a half liter bottle with her

Talking about beauty means, necessarily, also touching on the topic of hydration. Since our exclusive video format #fattibella with Diletta was born with the aim of stealing as many beauty secrets as possible from the splendid Sicilian presenter, we asked Leotta how much water she drinks every day.

The 28-year-old from Catania, a radio and TV star, during the chat we had at her home, specified that she drinks a lot of water every day. Diletta Leotta has the habit of carrying a one and a half liter bottle with her also because, when she is on the radio, she often speaks (it is aired for two hours in a row).

In these cases, hydrating is a crucial reason why, as already mentioned, Diletta Leotta drinks a lot of water and always has what she needs to deal with thirst. In his view, he drinks at least 2 or 3 liters of water every day. Always staying within the advice to stay hydrated, we asked her if she likes herbal teas or not.

What did you answer? That often hires them, that they like them very much and that they like them especially in winter. In the colder months of the year he loves to drink chamomile in particular and that the place he prefers to indulge in this little daily pampering is the sofa in his living room, the same one you can see in this and other videos and around which a atmosphere to say the least pleasant the day we interviewed her.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon with Diletta Leotta talking about beauty tricks taking into consideration different aspects. We asked her how she regenerates her skin when she comes home from numerous work commitments, but also what her favorite hairstyles are. We tried to find out what holds in the beauty but also what is its natural hair color.

We could not fail to ask you at least one question about water, a real elixir of beauty (and health, given the role it plays in the disposal of toxins). His answer reminded us once again that drinking a lot is essential if you intend to show off a bright and elastic skin.

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