How not to gain weight during the holidays

From grated lemon in dishes to pinzimonio: this episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains how to avoid getting fat during the Holidays

Exercising and eating a light diet are good habits to avoid gaining weight. Then there are some small subterfuges to face the holidays and the holidays without taking on extra pounds.

Good eating habits

It would be useful to consume vegetables before a meal, so it is always recommended to start with a pinzimonio limiting the consumption of cold cuts, canapés and other high-calorie foods.

Think of the natural aperitif: a non-alcoholic herbal tea, preferably bitter, stimulates the gallbladder and allows you to absorb a little less the fats contained in the following dish. Artichoke, fennel and other vegetables do very well. It is important that the herbal tea is bitter to have this effect.

We choose whole foods: the carbohydrates contained in whole foods reduce the risk of an increase in blood sugar and therefore also the rapid assimilation of sugars present. This is why their consumption can help protect against diabetes over time and slow down the absorption of other nutrients.

Consume fish as it is rich in Omega3 fatty acids able to keep the cell membrane fluid. Therefore, this element protects the body's cells from excess free radicals that are produced, for example, when you overdo it with fats, alcohol and sweets.

Candies, candies, nougats can be consumed, but not barred from meals. Otherwise there is a risk of spikes in blood sugar that the body has a harder time controlling, especially in the elderly and in those who are already overweight.

Consume lemon and spices: not only the juice, even the zest can be grated into dishes, helping to counteract cholesterol. Spices like thyme and marjoram do the same. This also results in a reduction in salt.

Eat something before consuming alcohol. In fact, ingesting food slows down the absorption of alcohol. So drinking only can create problems.

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