How not to get fat with an aperitif when we are on a diet: here are the right tips

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When we are on a diet, the aperitif is considered prohibitive for the figure: here are the right tips to do it without gaining weight.

Any time of the year is good foraperitif. A moment of leisure and relaxation in which we can sip a glass of wine, prosecco, or a cocktail, chatting amiably with our friends and having a snack.

diet aperitif

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Too bad that, if you have problems with your line, this moment of convivial pleasure risks becoming a danger to our waist. Not only that, maybe he gets out of his way and then lets himself be taken by guilt, nullifying all the pleasure of having a happy hour in company.

How then to combine diet and aperitif? Let’s find out what to choose to drink and eat during happy hour so as not to get fat and live this moment of joy in all serenity without being gripped by remorse.

Here’s how to combine diet and aperitif

With the arrival of summer, invitations pour in from all sides. The heat increases the desire to meet and spend a few hours together in front of an aperitif. Whether you go to a bar or organize yourself at home, little changes.

diet aperitif

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The aperitif in summer is practically the order of the day. When we are on vacation then, by the sea, it is even more pleasant. But how can you not gain weight with so many opportunities to cheat?

It’s not easy but with a little self-discipline, anything can be done. Giving up being in company is never the right solution and then we have to find ways to make an aperitif without gaining weight, as well as to eat sweets without increasing weight. Here are the right tips.

1) Don’t get hungry for an aperitif. Often it is done just before dinner or lunch time, and then there is the possibility that you will already arrive hungry for the aperitif. However, this can become very dangerous for the figure because we risk forfeiting a lot of calorie food. The advice is to consume something that stops hunger first, such as dried fruit, or a low-fat white yogurt.

2) Choose non-alcoholic or low-alcohol cocktails. This way we will avoid a lot of calories. Spirits are banned, that is, those drinks with an ethyl alcohol content greater than 21%. Also to be abolished fizzy drinks and those rich in sugars. We can opt for a glass of white wine, prosecco, an Aperol or a Campari which have low alcohol content. But best to avoid taking it every day. Otherwise we choose soft drinks with orange juice, pineapple, grapefruit, carrot, avoiding however sugary ingredients. Find out here how to prepare light non-alcoholic drinks.

3) Appetizers but only light ones. One of the biggest dangers for the line is the aperitif buffet. High-calorie and high-fat foods are often found here. Fried, canapés, and other carbohydrate-based finger foods such as pizzas, puff pastries, pasta, and so on. Instead, we choose vegetables, such as carrot sticks, celery, tomatoes, zucchini and so on. They are filling and high in fiber. So they lift our appetite without making us gain weight. Otherwise we can choose sushi or skewers made with low-fat cheese and fruit.

4) We fill the plate with vegetables. Another tip to avoid falling into temptation is to fill your plate with fresh vegetables, at least halfway. A quarter we dedicate to protein foods, but healthy, for example tuna, sushi, low-fat cheese, bresaola, and finally the last quarter we put some carbohydrates in the plate, such as a pizza, or a small piece of bread, or two breadsticks, in this however, we will feel satisfied without having exaggerated.

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