How often should you change your razor? The answer may surprise you

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Have you wondered how often you should change your razor? We take the opportunity to also give you some advice on its use.

When it comes to shaving errorsNeglecting to replace your razor regularly is at the top of the list. So how often should you change your razor?

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Are the rules different if the razor you use is for the face or for the body? What if you don’t use a disposable razor? Don’t worry, we have all the answers.

How often should the razor be changed?

According to experts, you should change the blade or throw away the disposable razors every five / seven shaves. This will help minimize irritation and the spread of bacteria.

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Even if you are using a razor that does not require changing the blade, it is still a good idea to respect this timing. This applies whether you are using the razor for facial hair or for shaving your legs. In addition to the number of shaves, there are other factors that may require the advance replacement of the razor. For example, if you notice a accumulation of residues or dirt, which is not easily rinsed off with a jet of water, is a sign that the time has come to replace the blade. This is true even if the razor still works fine. In fact, a residual razor can lead to an infection by introducing bacteria into open pores or cuts.

In addition to changing your razor, you should also be careful to clean it while shaving. It is advisable to rinse the blade after each stroke of the razor. This prevents accumulation of hair, cream or gel, which can spread bacteria and make a clean shave difficult. It is also appropriate rinse the razor before and after shavingto. As for cleaning, we suggest rinsing for regular maintenance, while when it comes to cleaning your shaver thoroughly, you can follow these steps:

  • Flushing: Open the hot water tap (it is more effective for removing accumulations of hair). Hold the blade under the sink and let the hair wash off. If necessary, gently tap the side of the razor against the edge of the sink to remove any hair or products.
  • Wash: Pour a small amount of antibacterial soap on the razor. Now put it under the tap once again, using the same tapping technique if necessary.
  • Allow the razor to air dry: Spread out a towel or washcloth and let the razor air dry. In fact, you should always do this. In fact, experts advise to leave the shaver in a dry place to prevent bacteria from developing there. So, as comfortable as it may seem, don’t leave the razor in the sink or shower!
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