How oxygen-ozone therapy works in back pain

Come funziona l’ossigeno-ozonoterapia nel mal di schiena

With cold and humidity, the possibility of suffering from back pain increases, but there is a solution that has proved quite effective: oxygen-ozone therapy

The season is the one at risk. The climate may not become too harsh yet, but the humidity, with low clouds crowding the sky, creates an ideal condition for us to suffer from improper movements and sudden efforts.

Result: the back suffers and that classic pain appears that seems to knock us out. To deal with low back pain, obviously as a symptom and not a real pathology in its own right, there are several solutions, including oxygen-ozone therapy. How does this treatment take place? How does it work?

Against pain and inflammation

“Low back pain – explains Alain Rocco, head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit of INI Villa Dante in Guidonia – is not a disease but a symptom and in winter it is much more frequent. The lowering of temperatures determines a narrowing of the caliber of the blood vessels causing greater rigidity and an increase in muscle contractures with the possible appearance of pain of varying intensity, localized in the lumbar area, which can last from a few days to a few weeks. About 80 percent of the population is affected at least once during their life with the highest incidence in people aged 40-50 of both sexes “.

“An effective medical treatment to significantly combat pain and quickly recover motor function is oxygen-ozone therapy for its pain-relieving and above all anti-inflammatory action. But beware: it is a safe practice if applied correctly, by expert doctors, with certified machinery and in specialized centers that ensure the application of adequate protocols “.

First of all, to deal with cases of this type, it is necessary to understand well why pain arises. there are situations in which there is only a kind of muscular tension, which requires relaxation of the muscles, in particular of those bundles that run along the spine. In short, the classic muscle contracture. In other cases, at the base of the problem there are herniated discs, vertebral instability, bone fragility, protrusions of the discs themselves which may be accompanied by a compression of the nerve root with irritation of pain along the nerve “. Oxygen-ozone therapy can help.

What you need to know

“The questions that patients often ask me – continues Rocco – are two: how many sessions does it take to get better and whether the therapy is painful. To the first question I answer, it depends. Usually an appreciable reduction of symptoms is obtained in the third session, during which, patients report an improvement in motor function and a reduction in the pain area, in cases where there is radicular compression. The effect of the treatment is
variable. An improvement occurs in 85 percent of the cases treated while the resolution of the symptoms occurs in 75 percent of cases. The effect lasts until a new trigger event occurs. The benefits are long-term and in many cases there is no longer a need for recalls. The estimated percentage of patients who do not respond to therapy is less than 10 percent ”.

“As for pain, after an injection with oxygen-ozone, there is a sensation of compression and a local increase in pain that takes on the characteristics of burning. This sensation resolves spontaneously in 5-6 minutes and at the end of the session the patient no longer feels disturbances. The contraindications that partially limit the execution of the therapy are: favism, pregnancy, acute cardio-vascular pathology in progress and uncontrolled coagulation disorders. There is no age limit for undergoing oxygen ozone therapy, minors excluded. Side effects such as vagal reactions, bruising or small hematomas at the injection site, mild and transient local discomfort or pain and transient tachycardia may rarely occur ”.

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