How parents destroy their children: what the expert says

How parents destroy their children: what the expert says

Attention deficit disorders are often nothing but different times for learning.

It is interesting to dwell on the thought of the educator and teacher Tiziana Cristofari, above all for the parents of children considered listless and absent. For years Cristofari has come up against situations that are indignant, for the ease with which children are judged and "tortured" psychologically, and says: "We live in a very superficial society, where hectic times and the little patience we have towards of our children, push us to hasty conclusions about their potential ".

Parents with emotionally depressed, psychologically broken, demotivated children and without any self-esteem come to her. They tell her that her children don't want to study, they cry and they don't want to go to school. The teachers, in turn, claim that they have cognitive problems and have already been to speech therapists and doctors who have certified the delay in learning.

But according to the doctor, the reality is another: "in 99% of cases, the child has nothing, recovering all the deficiencies within a school year."

The problem, according to Cristofori, is how the children react to all this talk – not true – about their ability to learn. The doctor says: "They think they are inferior, of being different, stupid, not as capable as their classmates. And their psyche slowly changes and becomes ugly. They lose their self-esteem, they become sad, fearful. "

Cristofori is indignant with teachers unprepared for teaching who feel they have the right to diagnose without having the competence, with the conniving psychiatric doctors who must necessarily find an anomaly in a child who only needs to be respected in his time of learning (I remind you that Albert Einstein showed his genius only at the university, being terribly lacking in all the previous courses of study, especially in mathematics; and despite the fact that today he is said to be dyslexic, nothing and nobody, fortunately, he has prevented from believing in himself and becoming what we all know).
Is he indignant with speech therapists who kill the child's thoughts by boring him with exercises that keep him ever further away from school? All this in order not to admit that that patient only needs an effective teaching that they completely ignore.

And he continues: "But it's all a barrel discharge system: the teacher to the parents, the parents to the doctor, the doctor to the speech therapist and the speech therapist on the problem diagnosed by the doctor who unfortunately can be improved, but not cured. And there is no cure simply because there is no disease! "

And finally here is the accusation against the parents: "But I am also indignant with you parents! That you do not have the patience to listen to your children; that you take them as if they were always small, without weaning them in the relationship and in their continuous and constant growth of skills. And this is a serious mistake, very serious, because you don't allow them to grow, to develop independence, to win that little bit of the world at school, which only belongs to them. Because this is so: almost always the scholastic problem has its deep roots in the human relationship.
Remembering also that today, what is commonly defined as dyslexia, most of the times is an abuse of terminology and medicalization on very healthy children due to business issues.

Dr. Tiziana Cristofari

Meditate on parents, meditate!

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