How Shein clothes dress

How Shein clothes dress

On Shein it is possible to buy many items from the comfort of your home. But how to choose the perfect size? Follow our advice!

Shein is an online shopping store that you have surely heard of. Very active on social media with campaigns especially on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Shein offers fashionable clothing of any category and gender: from underwear to shoes, from evening dresses to jeans. To avoid returns, however, it is advisable to understand how to interpret the Shein sizes, since you must check the centimeters and size of each label. On each article page, just click on the "Size & Measure" button to find out the measurements, available in centimeters and inches, of that specific item and how to measure them to ensure that the item fits perfectly to your body and size habitual.

If you are not sure of your current size, on some pages of the product there is also the "Find Your Size" button, a guide that allows you, once you have measured parameters such as height, age and weight, to choose the correct Shein size. However, it is more reliable to have a centimeter than to have the system guess what your size should be based on what other customers, with your same body parameters, have bought.

Size guide on Shein

The parameter you need to refer to is EU, which indicates the European sizes. Each EU value corresponds to a number, from 34 to 42, which however does not coincide with the Italian sizes. The number 34, for example, indicates an XS, while 40/42 indicates an L. Also for each size, in the Shein size charts you can check the shoulder centimeters, chest and wrist circumference, sleeve length and many other details depending on the category to which the item you are interested belongs to.
Let's take T-shirts for example:

  • to measure your bust circumference, you need to take measurements under the arms around the fullest part of the bust
  • to measure the waist, you need to take measurements of the narrowest part of the waist
  • to measure the hips you must measure the widest part with your legs closed

For many leaders, in fact, IT measures are also expressed. To be sure that your size is what you imagine, just check the centimeters expressed in the tables. Let's see which are the main categories.


IT Cut38 (XS)40 (S)42 (M)44/46 (L)48 (XL)
Waist size6367717783


IT Cut38 (XS)40 (S)42 (M)44/46 (L)48 (XL)
Chest circumference6569737985
Sleeve length5960616263


Cut itXSS.M.L
Chest circumference98102106112
Sleeve length58596061.5
Arms circumference3738.54042.5
Wrist circumference26.82829.231.2


Cut itS.M.LXL
Chest circumference98102108114
Waist size58-12062-12468-13074-136
Sleeve length515253.555
Top length585960.562
Pants Length99100101.5103


IT Cut38 (XS)40 (S)42 (M)44/46 (L)
Waist size61656975

How Shein Wears

The size measurements on Shein are all expressed in centimeters and tend to be very faithful to what is reported in each product sheet. These include the measurements in centimeters of each size for bust, waist, hips, shoulders, sleeves, length and many other parameters. If you are really not sure, the advice is to round up: tightening a loose dress is much easier than letting one in too small.

After all, it is not possible to say a priori how Shein dresses, because each physicist has different proportions and what can be a tight-fitting dress for one client may be slightly wider for another. The only way to be sure of the size is to buy a garment that is as close as possible to the centimeter of your body: from time to time you will understand which Shein size is most suitable for you!

Shein: plus sizes

On Shein the plus sizes find an entire Curvy section with items ranging from 48 to 56. Just like the smaller sizes, for each item under "Size & Measure" you will find a table where each size corresponds to a number of X and different details on the points touched by the garment. For example, for a dress you will find information on shoulder, chest circumference, waist size, hips, sleeve length and length. This allows you to understand if it fits tight or wide. But here are 4 useful tips to choose comfortable sizes on Shein:

  • take measurements of bust, waist and hips, but there are many others
  • check the measurements of each specific garment, because there is no universal size chart
  • compare your measurements with those of the single garment you are interested in
  • take a look at the reviews (there are many for each item)

Buying plus sizes on Shein is therefore equally complicated (or simple, depending on your point of view) compared to smaller sizes. Just remember that you will have to take measurements for each individual garment, as there are no universal tables.

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