How skin care changes: the magical guide against the passing of time

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At every age its skin care: our beauty routine should change according to the age group in which we find ourselves, here’s how.

Skin care cannot always be the same. The most common mistake women make is think they can always treat their skin the same way.

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Do we have dry skin (or oily, combination, does the same)? We think we must always treat it the same way. Wrong.

In reality, time passes for everyone and everything changes, including the skin. We can’t work miracles on this, but for sure we can try to counteract the action of the passing years and draw more or less deep wrinkles on our face.

After the door in general – but in some cases even before – we see signs suddenly appear on our face, dark circles more and more evident, bags under the eyes.

And then our lips get thinner, the so-called barcode appears, our face looks less bright than it used to be.

This is due to to a slowed cell proliferation which, alas, starts already after the age of 35 (so much sooner than many women hope).

And so the skin has a lower capacity to retain water and the connective tissue is damaged.

We can rediscover the light, the compactness, the tone of the past, Do you arrive at 40, 50, or 60? Not exactly, but with the right skin care we can at least get close to the desired result.

How to do? By choosing the right beauty routine. Where is it by right we mean the one suitable for the age group in which we find ourselves (taking into account, however, that stress, pollution, the amount of UV rays that reach our skin can in some way change its appearance).

Either way, here’s what the right skin care for every age should be.

Her skin care at any age: here’s how this should change over time

As it should change skin care over time? Following the natural course of time that passes and the appearance of our skin that changes.

skin care age

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What many women don’t know is that you have to start taking care of your skin from a very young age, because prevention is always better than cure. So we should leave as soon as possible.

At 20 years old generally our skin is naturally compact, toned, luminous to the nth degree. We are in the post – adolescence period and, especially those with naturally oily (or combination) skin, may still have some aftermath of acne.

In this case the key word is cleansing. Obviously there are specific products to do this, including a moisturizer with a light texture, also in a gel formula, strictly non-occlusive.

At this age however we must remember choose purifying and detoxifying products, or that still contain active ingredients that have this purpose, such as burdock, charcoal, black vumino oil.

At 30 years old skin care must already begin to change. Although apparently we may not already see very big changes in the appearance of our skin (even if it is a very subjective fact), we must remember that, as we have anticipated, already around 35 we will probably see the first wrinkles appear, so it is better to start running already take shelter.

So here is that we have to start using anti-aging products already. So yes to day cream that also contains sunscreen (one of the major healthy carriers of premature aging) and yes to antioxidant serums based on vitamin C and polyphenols.

In this way, in fact, our skin will appear brighter in a very short time and we will be able to prevent the first signs of aging.

More we are approaching 40, then, the more we see wrinkles, bags under the eyes, marks on the skin appear.

So at that point we have to include in our daily skin care i mix of regenerating peptides, vitamins A and E (both anti-aging) and, above all, hyaluronic acid, the best friend of women after the door.

Then we absolutely must not forget about another of our allies: the eye contour cream. The look is a fundamental part of our face, we absolutely cannot neglect it.

After 40, 50 arrives inexorably. The skin becomes less and less compact, more dull and wrinkles more and more evident with each passing year.

Here then our best friends must be collagen and hyaluronic acid. But we should also not forget scrubs, which promote cell renewal and nourishing and plumping masks, which give our skin a healthier and more youthful appearance.

In the end at 60 we should use products with an even stronger anti-aging action. Among these we cannot fail to mention retinol, which we should use every night after removing make-up, before going to sleep.

This, in fact, it is an anti-aging, it is exfoliating, it renews the skin and thus makes our face brighter in no time.

Let’s remember never abandon hyaluronic acid and we use products such as cocoa extract, which counteracts the loss of skin tone.

In any case, if you want to know what your summer skin care should be, here is our guide.

However, now that we know that a specific skin care corresponds to every age, we already know how to orient ourselves on the products to use.

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