How the Nirvam dating site works

How the Nirvam dating site works

If you want to make new friends, meet people or find a soul mate, find out now how the dating site Nirvam works

Often work – or even just a bit of laziness – prevents you from getting busy on the "social relations" front. Whether it's an exchange of words in the gym or an approach during an aperitif, meeting new people seems increasingly out of reach, also thanks to life increasingly mediated by social channels. This doesn't have to be viewed negatively, because Nirvam comes to your rescue! Nirvam is a community of over 3 million members throughout Italy, active for over 15 years. Searching online, did you find out about Nirvam's chat and want to learn more about how it works? Excellent, in this guide you can find out what it is and how it works, to enjoy only the best that this online space can offer you!

Nirvam is an online dating chat specially designed for people united by the common desire to seek new friends or – why not – even a soul mate. Nirvam therefore proposes itself as the virtual space that best lends itself to facilitating the construction of new social relationships, without necessarily having to leave the house (or at least, at the beginning!). Nirvam, in fact, makes itself available as a meeting space to lay the foundations of a relationship between people of the same city, as the slogan of the site itself says … a relationship that must then be – at least, theoretically – cultivated and deepened in the world real.

How the Nirvam subscription works

Unlike other sites that promote online dating, Nirvam does not have an application designed for smartphones or tablets, therefore access can only be made via a Web Browser. By connecting to the site, you will land directly on the home page of the dating site, which will immediately propose you a form to proceed with the registration. Before proceeding with the registration, however, it is necessary to be informed about the type of subscription you intend to subscribe, because Nirvam is not a free service. Or better: it's not free for everyone! If you are a woman looking for men, Nirvam is free forever; otherwise it is necessary to take out a subscription, which can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Are you still not able to assess whether or not this service is suitable for your needs? Don't worry, Nirvam offers everyone a completely free trial period.

How to sign up for Nirvam

Once you have decided which subscription to subscribe or whether to start using Nirvam by taking advantage of the free trial period, you can proceed with the registration. Joining Nirvam is easy and intuitive, and you can start meeting people in your city in a few simple steps. As previously mentioned, once you land on the homepage of the site, Nirvam will offer you a form to fill in with some data: Nickname, password, valid e-mail address, date of birth, gender, country and region of origin. Once these fields have been filled in, click to accept the "Terms of Use" and then click on the appropriate red "Confirm" button. If the data you entered are correct, the registration operation should have gone in the right direction. In fact, the site may ask you, if the Nickname you have selected is already occupied, to choose an alternative one. Otherwise, you will be redirected to a useful web page to indicate that the registration was successful!

How to create a Nirvam profile

Like all sites that offer online dating services, Nirvam also bases its choice mechanism based on the personal information accompanying the profile. To make it simple: the more complete and engaging your profile is, the more Nirvam users will be interested in interacting with you! For this reason, immediately after registration, the site will ask you to complete your profile and will do so through a specific form to be filled in with some information, including: height in cm, weight in kg, body status, color of your hair and eyes, your ethnic origin. This information is used by Nirvam to make it easier for you to get in touch with people who are physically similar to you!

By clicking on "Continue" again, another page will ask you for further information: marital status, educational qualification, profession, income, smoking, nationality, religion, languages ​​spoken … all essential information to get in touch with people who may be interested in you and / or interest you. The next step is to create "My ad", and then check some boxes with various options, useful to refine the search even more, narrowing the field of people. To complete the construction of an accurate personal profile, you will need to carefully choose the photo you will use as an avatar to interact with other users. The advice is to choose one in which you can see your face clearly, in high resolution, avoiding misleading images that do not depict your person. Give a short description and voilà: welcome to Nirvam! You are now ready to chat and meet new and interesting people.

How to use Nirvam

As previously explained, the Nirvam chat is a free service only for women looking for men: all others will necessarily have to sign up for a subscription to start using the service. How does Nirvam work? It's simple: as soon as you have completed your personal profile, you will be offered a subscription screen for the subscription service. Warning! Look at the top of the screen: the notice "Note: Nirvam has given you a gift of a free trial period" should appear. By clicking on it, you will have access to the service for a month without necessarily having to subscribe. In this way, you will be able to evaluate whether or not Nirvam is actually for you. Bypassing this necessary task, the real fun begins!

Nirvam presents itself to users with a simple and intuitive interface. By clicking on the "Chat" tab, you can view all users who are currently online and willing to chat via the appropriate box or via email. Of these, alongside their Nickname, you can also view the photograph, age and origin; or vote on his profile. If this information is not enough, just click on "View details" to view more information about the user of your interest.

To filter users – by origin, or by age – just refer to the filters placed at the top of the screen. To carry out a specific search, you can appeal to the "Search" tab, which will offer you advanced search parameters, or to search by typing the specific nickname.

In the left menu, you will find numerous options. In "Messages", you will find messages received, those sent, those deleted and the option to write a message to a user. In "Contacts" you can instead ash an eye on the visits you are receiving on your profile, the requests for messages in chat and the users with whom you have made friends. The "Friends" section allows you to view the votes you have cast towards other users, close friends added to your list and the so-called "black list". The "Reserved Area" section, on the other hand, allows you to manage requests for access to your profile made by other users and those that you have made to the profile of other Nirvam users. If instead – also for privacy reasons – you want to log out of your profile, just click on the appropriate "Exit" button at the top right. You will then be able to log in again to the home page of the Nirvam chat site.

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