How to announce pregnancy in an original way

How to announce pregnancy in an original way

Find out what are the most original ways to announce to everyone that you are pregnant

Pregnancy is certainly one of the greatest joys for a woman and, in general, in the life of a couple. Expecting a child fills the heart with happiness and joy and makes you want to shout it out to the whole world. But how to say it in an original way to relatives and friends? Discover below the phrases to announce a pregnancy and the most beautiful and original ways to give the good news to loved ones.


  • How to announce pregnancy in an original way
  • Phrases to announce a pregnancy to your partner
  • Phrases to announce pregnancy to grandparents
  • Phrases to announce a pregnancy to the whole family
  • Ideas and phrases to announce a pregnancy on social networks

How to announce pregnancy in an original way

Now that you have discovered that you are pregnant, you may be wondering how to tell your loved ones and especially when to give the good news. The choice is obviously purely personal. In fact, many women choose, out of luck, to announce the arrival of a baby only after the classic initial three months have passed.

However, many couples decide to confide the good news, at least to their loved ones, as soon as they hear the news. In any case, given the sensitive and very personal news, it is important not to be influenced by the expectations of others, but to decide freely, together with your partner, to whom and when to say it. Once you have decided, you will have to think about how! Let’s see some nice ideas along with some original phrases to announce a pregnancy.

Phrases to announce a pregnancy to your partner

There are couples who wait for the pregnancy test results together, fearlessly waiting for the result, but there are also moms who find out they are doing it on their own or find out by accident or decide to do it on their own simply so as not to give false hope to their own. beloved. In cases like these, how can you tell your partner that you are pregnant?

Here are some phrases you could use to give your partner the good news, as an alternative to the more classic “Honey, I’m pregnant!”:

  • “We must rest now, while we can, because in nine months it will no longer be possible. We will have a little one to think about! “
  • “I think I’ll have to give up sushi, alcohol and coffee for nine months.”
  • “I’ve always wondered how it felt to be pregnant: now I know!”
  • “Honey, I guess I’ll have to eat for two from now on!”

For those who want to make the announcement of the beginning of this exciting couple chapter special, there are many tender ideas for the occasion. Whichever way and wherever you break the news to your future dad, the important thing is that it is a special moment for both of you to remember for the rest of your life.

It can be during a romantic dinner for two at your home or in your favorite restaurant, but also in a place that has a special meaning for you. There are several ways to choose from to announce:

  • A box to give to your partner with the positive pregnancy test inside:
  • A photo album where you can put together your photos together, the best moments of your love story, travel photos and special moments, on the last page of the album you could insert the photo that reveals the news to your him: the pregnancy test, the first ultrasound or an image that reminds you of a baby’s expectation, such as a pacifier or a pair of baby shoes;
  • A dessert, to be served after a romantic candlelit dinner, to be presented to him with the inscription: “You will become a dad!”; “To the best dad” or “I’m coming”;
  • A postcard written as if it were by the future unborn that says something like “Dear Dad, I can’t wait to meet you in nine months!” and signing the card with “Your son”.

If you have a pet you may want to consider having your four-legged friend give the good news to your future dad. For example, try tying a tag around your pet’s neck announcing the good news.

If, on the other hand, you already have children, you could make sure that it is the little ones of the house that let their dad know that another little brother or sister will soon arrive.

Phrases to announce pregnancy to grandparents

The future grandparents will probably be among the first to whom you want to give the good news announcing the arrival of a baby! You can do it in a nice way or opt for an exciting ad. Here are the best phrases to say to your parents to inform them that they will soon become grandparents:

  • “Mom and Dad, you two look just right to be grandparents!”
  • “Keep yourself free, in a few months you will become a permanent babysitter.”
  • “We advise you to start training because in a while you will have to run after a little pest.”
  • “We hope you feel old enough to be grandparents!”
  • “Mom, Dad, it’s time to make your home suitable for the arrival of a new family member.”

The most creative couples might think of making an announcement in a tender way, perhaps giving their parents some boxes with the photo of the first ultrasound inside, some baby shoes or pacifiers.

Phrases to announce a pregnancy to the whole family

Even announcing the arrival of a baby to the whole family can be an intimate and emotional moment. You could invite everyone over for a nice family lunch or dinner, so that everyone can be informed during the meal. Here are the phrases to announce a pregnancy that you could say to break the news:

  • “I have nothing to tell you, but our baby would like to tell you that I am pregnant!”
  • “You know, lately I’ve been suffering from nausea a lot and I’ve been feeling pretty tired. Apparently we will soon have a new member of the family! “
  • “We stopped trying to have a baby: we succeeded!”
  • “Our family tree is about to grow even more!”

Alternatively, you could add an extra seat at the table and, when the diners have noticed, announce to everyone that a new member of the family will arrive in a few months!

A very special way to let everyone know that you will soon have a baby is to announce it during coffee time. Just customize the bottom of the cups with an indelible marker with an ad hoc message designed specifically for each member of the family as: “You will become a grandmother”; “You will become aunt”, etc.

You will have to pay attention to correctly distribute the cups and making sure that no one notices the “trap”. Your family members will learn of the future birth once they have emptied the cup and the news will surely be greeted with joy and amazement. Who knows who will notice first!

Ideas and phrases to announce a pregnancy on social networks

Young couples might think about telling their friends and acquaintances using social networks! Just take a photo that suggests the news, such as:

  • The classic photo of one’s belly surrounded by a pink or blue bow;
  • A nice photo with a slate with the expected date of birth and an arrow indicating the belly;
  • A funny photo of your own belly with the words “Here in there is a baby” on it;
  • An unmistakable image that makes everyone understand that a new member will soon arrive in the family: baby shoes, a pacifier or, why not, the photo of the pregnancy test or the first ultrasound.

The most creative could opt for a couple photo, with two bellies compared to future parents: on that of the mother there will be the word “baby” while on that of the father there will be written “beer”.

Obviously, the photo must be accompanied by an ad hoc caption. Here are the most popular phrases for announcing a pregnancy to friends on social media or via text:

  • “This will be the year I will give birth to a little human being, but I still can’t keep my plants alive!”
  • “We would like to share our joy and love with you all. We have been blessed with the arrival of a baby. “
  • “The family is expanding!”
  • “The stork has also arrived in our family.”

Or you can use a quote, such as that of Gabriela Mistral who said: “Now my belly is as noble as my heart”.

It is also possible to opt for funny phrases to announce a pregnancy. For example, an original idea could be to take a picture near the open home oven with food inside and write “The loaf is in the oven” as a caption. Those who already have children can use phrases to announce a pregnancy such as: “Second round!” (for the arrival of a second son), “The empire is expanding” or “The clan is expanding!”.

If you announce the happy event on social media, in addition to choosing among the most beautiful phrases to announce a pregnancy, remember to also insert the tags dedicated to this wonderful news, so that other future mothers can also rejoice with you! The most popular hashtags, which collect the wonderful and sweet photos that contain all the emotions and happiness that accompany this beautiful moment, are: #pregnancyannouncemente, #babyannouncement, #expecting or #expectingbaby.

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