How to apply eye cream for a rested look

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There are those who cannot do without them and those who have different ones for every occasion: that’s why using the eye contour cream

Applying the eye cream is a dividing gesture: there are those who have an eye cream for the day, in the evening, serums, eye patches and so on and those who, at the most, also remember while applying the face cream of the area around the eyes. Unless otherwise specified, however, it would be better to use only creams and treatments specifically formulated for the periocular area and now we understand why.


  • Why using eye cream is a good idea at any age
  • How to use eye cream for a rested look
  • The eye cream can also be put on the eyelids: false (but sometimes not)
  • Applying the eye contour before or after the cream or serum changes quite a bit

Why using eye cream is a good idea at any age

First of all, the skin around the eyes is different from that of the face. Not only is it much thinner but also less oily because it does not have many sebaceous glands, which is why it is not difficult to have mixed or more oily facial skin but still feel the dry eye contour. We know that dehydrated and tight skin is more prone to showing the signs of aging prematurely, let alone a constantly moving area, both because we naturally blink our eyes, and because we use them to communicate: we squint them, raise an eyebrow, squint them. It is therefore necessary to keep it hydrated with the right products and precautions, just like you do for the skin of the face.

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Therefore, applying the eye contour cream is useful not only when wrinkles and fine lines are already present but to prevent. In the world of skincare this is a mantra you need to keep in mind: prevention is better than cure. There is therefore no age limit to use the eye contour cream, start applying it as a prevention or if you feel dry skin in that area. Choose a light treatment without too many ingredients, even just to get used to it, and then move on to more powerful active ingredients as you age. However, it would be better to start applying the eye cream from about 25 years old, because it is from that age that the skin, unfortunately we must admit, begins to lose and produce less collagen and elastin, as well as less sebum.

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Not only for wrinkles, crow’s feet (always use sunglasses and try not to squint to prevent them) or dryness: eye contour treatments are also useful for fighting bags and dark circles. Dark circles are the dark pigmentation while bags under the eyes mean swelling. Let’s start by saying that there are those who have more predisposition to bags and dark circles than others and that the shape of the eye also plays a key role. If you have a rather protruding eye socket (i.e. the cavity in which the eye is located) or if you have a sunken eye or a prominent nose, this will create shadow on the eye contour area and make the eye appear even darker. it’s not up to you. The bags, on the other hand, could be swelling but also an accumulation of fat and therefore this explains why the eye contour always appears so swollen.

Even circulation problems and a certain genetic predisposition could give you nice bags and dark circles, but the treatments can really be a valid help. First of all, it is always good to sleep the right amount of hours and follow a correct diet to have a less tired and less suffering eye area. Eye contour creams or serums, as well as eye contour masks, having specific active ingredients and formulations that stimulate micro circulation, over time help to reduce these imperfections, also thanks to the massage that is carried out to make them absorb.

anti-wrinkle eye contour cream

How to use eye cream for a rested look

To apply the eye cream you need, first of all, delicacy. We have said that the area around the eyes is very sensitive, the skin thin and always stressed by continuous movements. The gesture to put on the eye cream involves using the ring finger to tap the product because it is the finger that exerts the least pressure of all and is therefore naturally more delicate.

Apply the cream on the zygomatic bone, practically where, by feeling with your fingers, you feel the end of the cheekbone bone and the beginning of the eye cavity, proceeding by tapping from the inner tear duct of the lower part going up on the upper part. You can finish the massage, once you have absorbed the greatest amount of cream, with a slight pressure that goes from the tear duct outwards to help the micro circulation, then slightly pushing the skin upwards once you arrive at the external corner. .

woman eye contour cream massage

The movements, whether you tap or massage with your fingertips, must always be light and delicate, you do not have to pull the skin to avoid stressing it and because, being so thin, massaging it with too much energy could obtain the opposite effect over time, that is a relaxation of the area.

The eye cream can also be put on the eyelids: false (but sometimes not)

Be careful not to get too close to the eye and therefore not to apply the eye cream on the mobile eyelid. This is in fact the most recurrent mistake and made naively during the application phase: the eye contour cream does not also put on the eyelids. It is natural to do this, precisely because, speaking of eyes, it seems strange to leave a portion of skin empty. In reality, however, the cream applied along the eye contour at the height of the bone is enough, which in any case will have benefits and will be absorbed everywhere precisely because the skin in that area is really thin.

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Putting the eye cream also on the eyelids could lead to allergic reactions but, above all, swell the area around the eye. This is because being the skin so thin, an overload of substances and fatty components that can make up the cream accumulates in the area, especially in the lower eyelid. The moisturizing substances contained within, then, such as hyaluronic acid, are designed to increase and retain skin hydration, retaining water to avoid dehydration. Therefore, by applying these products on the upper or lower mobile eyelid, they could draw water even in that area, making it more swollen.

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But there is one thing: there are creams designed and tested precisely to be applied also on the mobile eyelid and which are safe because they have been tested for use even in that part of the eye. Often the creams against bags or dark circles contain active to deflate and lighten the area or, for example, the day creams are enriched with a light pigment that neutralizes the dark color of the eye. Others still have small specks and glitter that help illuminate the area making it clearer and more illuminated, making the eye area less noticeable optically.

Applying the eye contour before or after the cream or serum changes quite a bit

It is also important to understand when to apply the eye contour, before or after the cream or serum makes a difference. First of all, let’s start by saying that you must always read the instructions: some eye contour creams can be applied both in the morning and in the evening, while others are specific for the night or the day based on the active ingredients they are made of which, for the night, could be photosensitizers.

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As for the moment of application in the skincare routine, the eye contour cream should be put after the tonic but before the face cream. In this way, the active ingredients in contact with the skin will be those specific to that area. If you are using the face serum, first apply the serum leaving out the eye area, then the eye contour cream and finally the cream.

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