How to apply nail polish by yourself: 10 tricks to make no mistakes

How to apply nail polish by yourself: 10 tricks to make no mistakes

Applying nail polish without smudges has never been easier with 10 tricks and mistakes to avoid for a flawless manicure, even at home

In the summer, you know, manicures require a little extra care. Swimming in the sea, continuous showers, the sun, the salt, the sand are all enemies of the enamel and contribute to making it last less. If you also think that nail technicians have the right to their well-deserved holidays, it is useful to know how to apply the enamel alone without smudging.

Getting a perfect manicure by yourself at home is not that difficult, just follow a few tricks and some precautions to not make mistakes and not find yourself with the smudged or chipped nail polish. Today we offer you 10 perfect tricks not to make mistakes and to have a manual manicure!

1. Degrease the nails and prepare them for the manicure

In order for the nail polish to last longer it is necessary to prepare the nail. In fact, you cannot take and apply the nail polish, but you must take care to clean the nail. Wash your hands and wipe a cotton pad soaked in solvent to remove any oily residue, then wait until they are completely dry. Do not apply oils or creams because they would compromise the duration of the manicure.

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2. The protective base is essential

A step not to be forgotten is that of the base. Not only does it have a protective function and, especially with dark colors, it ensures that the nail does not stain and does not turn yellow, but it will also help the manicure last longer. If you have an irregular nail, choose a smoothing nail, if you have nails that flake or brittle a reinforcing nail.

3. Do not use an old polish

Do not use old, expired or that have taken air glazes, because even if you manage to spread it correctly, it will not last and will easily peel. Recognizing an old enamel is easy, it usually becomes denser and tends to create threads and small lumps or, on the contrary, it may separate and you will notice a stagnation of liquid on the surface.

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4. Do not shake the nail polish before applying it

As with all fluid products, before applying them, it would be advisable to mix the pigments that may have deposited on the bottom. In the case of the enamel, however, it is better not to shake it and shake it, despite the small ball inside makes you believe it, because this will create air bubbles that will make the enamel stick worse. Rather, hold it between the palms of your hands and turn it gently, so as to heat and mix it.

5. Do not apply nail polish before or after a shower or before going to bed

Apply the nail polish in the morning or in the afternoon, but never before taking a shower or after or, worse still, before going to bed. The heat of the shower, in fact, could make the enamel last much less and cause it to flake and spoil quickly. Instead, applying the nail polish before going to sleep, you would find yourself the following morning with the marks of the printed sheet and pillow and…. no, it is not considered nail art! This is because even if the enamel seems dry on the surface it is not perfectly deep and at night the body produces heat, slowing down this process.

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6. Use oil, petroleum jelly or vinyl glue to protect the cuticles and avoid getting them dirty

A very useful trick to avoid getting the cuticle dirty is to protect it by applying, with a cotton swab, simple olive oil, greasy cream or vaseline. The important thing is to apply a little and, strictly, do not dirty the nail, because at that point the nail polish will not adhere. Once the nail polish is applied and left to dry, wash your hands with soap and you will see that the nail polish will also be easily removed from the cuticles, leaving you with neat and precise nails.

Another effective method, then, is to spread a thin layer of vinyl glue along the perimeter of the nail and also in the upper part, underneath, to cover the areas at risk of smudging. It is left to dry then proceed with the application of the enamel and, once dry, gently pull the glue with tweezers, which will easily peel off along with the color residues.

7. Do not apply too thick layers of nail polish

The ideal would be to make 2 to 3 enamel coats, depending on the colors. Do not apply a thick layer immediately, because it will struggle to dry and in any case you will not get complete coverage. The first layer must be thin, it doesn't matter if you see the nail underneath. After drying the first coat, proceed with the second and, if necessary, with a third.

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8. Choose nail polishes with large brushes

To make the application of the enamel even easier you can choose enamels with wider brushes. In this way, with just one brush movement, you will have covered almost the entire nail and you will not have to go over it several times to cover it. Always proceed from the center upwards, then finish the left and right sides, always with the same movement.

9. To correct errors, a cotton swab or corrective pen is sufficient

If you make some mistakes in the enamel application, for any corrections wait for it to dry. In fact, when the color is still fresh, the risk is that it will move even more, creating additional spots. Once the enamel has dried, however, slightly wet the end of a pointed cotton swab with solvent and clean any burrs. On the market, then, there are easy-to-use and ready-made corrective pens, but remember to clean them after each correction in order not to get dirty even more.

10. Don't forget the top coat

To make the manicure last longer and make the nail polish shiny and glossy, apply a top coat, also remembering to seal the tip of the nails. Another trick that concerns this product, then, is to reapply a layer after 1/2 days, so that if it is worn out, it will come back flawless again before the color can be ruined.

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