How to bathe a newborn baby

The bath is a moment dedicated to hygiene but also to relaxation for both the baby and his mother, so it is not advisable to forcefully do it every day. In fact, it is not necessary to wash a recently born baby every day (you still have to wait for the umbilical stump to come off) as it does not sweat and does not come into contact with poorly cleaned surfaces or objects, so one or two weekly baths may be sufficient.

As for the right time … better to avoid the minutes after waking up after a nap: the child may be hungry and the bath would end up turning into a nightmare.

After a few days of knowledge, every mother can identify the right moment to do it. You have to learn about the baby's rhythms and habits, as many puppies during the first months of life do nothing but eat and sleep, and therefore it is difficult to find the "right time".

Here are some tricks and tips:
– the baby bath could be inserted halfway through a feeding: you can give a breast and take advantage of the moment of pause in which the baby detaches himself to bathe him, finishing breastfeeding after washing him;
– if our baby does not sleep much, the bath can be inserted in the evening as a relaxing moment, perhaps followed by a nice massage.

Scientific advice from Loredana Miola, professional Doula


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