How to block calls from call centers? Here is the best method there is

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Blocking calls from call centers is possible and very easy: there is in fact an infallible method to do so. Here’s what it is.

You do not want anymore receive calls from call centers? Know that you are not the only one who does not want to do it anymore and that there is a really foolproof and very fast method to do it.

Block call center

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It often happens that telemarketers, in fact, also call during working hours, or – and it is often even worse – during the lunch break, or on weekends.

Sometimes we do not immediately notice that the call comes from the call center, since they often also call from mobile phones and identifying them is not easy.

That said, we can block call centers? Of course. How? Here is a foolproof method.

Here’s how to block calls from call centers

Have you ever heard of it of the public register of oppositions? It is essentially the foolproof way to block call centers and therefore stop receiving their calls.

Block call center

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What is it about exactly? It’s a matter of a free public service for the citizen, which cancels the previously released advertising consents.

Obviously we do not have to consider the utility managers, that is the companies with which we have signed an ongoing contract. An example is our light manager, just to name one.

That said, Does the Registry assure us that even automated calls will no longer reach us? Of course yes, it covers us from all calls from call centers, with no exclusions.

However, this is extended to both fixed and mobile numbers and then to both numbers present in telephone directories and reserved ones.

Everyone can access it, just sign up for free and all calls from the call center will be blocked.

It should be emphasized that registration cancels all consents, even those previously issued. Currently, in fact, the operator must consult the RPO on a monthly basis and in any case before carrying out advertising campaigns by telephone.

But how do i sign up? First of all, as we have anticipated, it can be done completely free of charge and the registration is indefinite (it can always be renewed, or canceled however).

In any case, how do you do it? You have three methods are available: telephone, web and email.

In the first case, just enter the website, access the “Sign up” function, enter the phone number (you can also enter 5) and follow the procedure.

In the second, just call the toll-free number 800 957 766 in the case of fixed users or the number 06 42986411 in the case of mobile phones. In both cases you will simply have to follow the operator’s instructions.

In the third case, however, you will have to download the appropriate “Registration” RPO form that you will find on the site and send it filled in to the address [email protected]

After signing up, you can request four different functions: “Registration”, “Renewal”, “Selective Revocation” and “Cancellation”.

The first blocks all calls from call centers and, as we have anticipated, the revocation of consents is effective both on calls made with a human operator and on automated ones (called “robocall”).

The second allows you to renew your subscription to the service and cancels all consents issued between registration and renewal.

The third allows you to select specific operators from which you want to receive promotional calls.

While the fourth, finally, allows you to delete the registration of your telephone number from the public register of oppositions and thus start receiving any calls from the call center again.

Speaking of foolproof methods then, if you also want to know how to save about 20% on the air conditioner, here is one.

In any case, now you know how to block calls from call centers thus preventing them from being able to call you at all hours.

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